17 Challenges You Face In The First Year Of Marriage and How To Avoid Them

The happiest and most magical day of a person’s life is the wedding day which leads to a lifetime of togetherness. There are many things which are different in the life of a married couple from that of an unmarried couple. There are many issues that can arise in the first year of marriage problems. Identifying and working on such matters will help to strengthen the bonds of the relationship for the future.

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Here are 17 Challenges You Face In The First Year Of Marriage and How To Avoid Them

1. Issues Related to Finances

first year of marriage

A married couple usually shares all finances. Balancing the finances and sharing such an important responsibility can sometimes become very stressful.

2. Extended Family and In-laws

first year of marriage

At times dealing with in-laws can be nerve wrecking. However, even though it is stressful it is quite inevitable and hence should be dealt with carefully and with a lot of love and respect.

3. Managing Time and Schedules

first year of marriage

After marriage, it can be tough to manage work as well as social life and provide equal time and importance to work at the office, home, and your spouse. No matter how busy you are, it is necessary to bring a balance in life.

4. Annoying Habits and Situations

first year of marriage

It is not possible to like every little detail of a person, and at times certain things and habits can become very annoying.

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5. Dealing with Household Chores

Household chores are an issue even for the most loving and caring couples. But for getting a successful marriage, it is always better to divide the work and deal with one’s share of responsibilities appropriately.

6. Hygiene and Weight

It is necessary to take care of health. Along with persisting illness, gaining weight can also become a major issue between partners and can cause disruptions in your married life.

7. Intimacy in a Marriage

first year of marriage

It is necessary to preserve intimacy, both physical as well as emotional, even after marriage so that one does not get bored of the relationship after a certain time.

8. Communicating with Each Other

It is essential to be on the same page as your spouse and for this communication is critical. It is also important to understand your expectations from the marriage. In a relationship, a lot of compromises on both sides are involved for a happy and prosperous life ahead.

9. Dealing with Conflicts

No marriage is completely deprived of conflicts and arguments. Conflicts are bound to occur. However, the primary focus should be on working towards dissolving such conflicts and spending quality time with each other.

10. Not Blaming Each Other

It is very easy to shift responsibility by blaming each other. But such an attitude work towards weakening the relationship. Hence, it is better to avoid the blame game altogether.

11. Critical issues Such as Babies

first year of marriage

The pressure of many things such as having babies may have a toll on the relationship.

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12. First Fight

The very first fight of marriage can be about some very trivial issue, but it could have deep implications.

13. Feeling of Being Old

Marriage makes many people feel very old, and sometimes this pressure makes people react in different ways which could be the reason for numerous problems.

14. Having a Routine

The first year of marriage, people settle into a routine that can become quite boring and lead to issues in between the couples.

15. Difficult Habits

Marriage exposes couples to each other’s difficult habits, and at times it can become too much to deal with.

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16. Forgetting Anniversaries

After marriage, there is a tendency to forget anniversaries and other essential dates which may be important for the partner, and this could lead to a big issue.

17. Doubts and Dilemmas

Sometimes a person may be plagued with doubts regarding the marriage, but this is normal for all human beings and shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

18. Be Happy And Joyful

Well, these are a couple of ways of dealing with issues which crop up in the first year of marriage. But the best way to get a happy married life is to keep on working towards achieving a healthy and prosperous relationship.

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