Completely Crazy Thoughts Brides Have Just Before The Wedding Night

thoughts before wedding night

Hasn’t the whole Marriage and the Wedding Night thing has already hyped about enough? I mean I have been hearing about this since childhood, all thanks to the Bollywood Movies. I can’t remember one from the 90s that didn’t have a marriage scene, more so with the ‘Suhaag Raat’ display. In fact, they even started narrating the Scenes with songs, remember, “Suhaag Raat hai, ghunghat utha raha hun main”

If that wasn’t it, here’s another deal that girls have to listen from their family, relatives, and friends, “your wedding day is coming closer”. Well, these days my sister has to go through all these things. And while listening to this, one thing that directly strikes her mind is “So is the wedding night!”

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It hardly matters whether it is love or an arranged marriage, some kind of nervousness is sure to be there! After all, it is the wedding night! So brace yourself and try keeping calm because you are going to be flooded with some expert advice coming your way from friends or sister.

This one is especially for the brides-to-be! Here are a few utterly crazy thoughts that you might be having…just before the wedding night!

1. Oh my God! It is my wedding night! Do I look fat?

wedding night

2. Do I need to wear a Ghunghat and sit on the bed? Is it going to be that filmy?

3. Do I need to carry milk for him? And there where do I keep it? Really!

4. There are so many clothes and jewelry. How will it come off?

5. These hair pins are probably going to take the entire night!

wedding night

6. Should I wait for him to make the first move?Or should I show him my skills!

wedding night

7. I hope he likes the black lingerie I have specially bought! Should I have worn the red ones?

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8. How will he do it? Will he use a Condom? He should!

wedding night

9. Will it be painful? Will it hurt? Does he even know how to do it!

10. Will the bed be decorated as they show in movies? The white sheet and those rose petals!

wedding night

11. Should I do it? Or should I just make up an excuse for the night?

12. What if I am tired and not in a mood? Will he be hurt?

13. Please don’t tell me the elders will look at me and start dreaming of their grandchildren right away!

wedding night

14. Will I be slammed with so many questions tomorrow about “How was the night”?

15. If yes, then what would I tell them, do I tell them we did or should I hide it from them! Hell, no! Those Aunties!

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16. Damn, I Am Married!Even my parents will know that I’ve had sex!This is embarrassing!

wedding night

Good Luck For Your Wedding Night!

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