4 Habits That Prove Social Media’s Stressful Impact On Millennials

Millennials around the world are suffering from anxiety problems. According to Forbes, A study has found that almost twice as many millennials have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder than baby boomers. Different studies have been conducted to understand why millennials are suffering from anxiety and what might be the possible reason. It is not 2016 US elections, it’s not about climate change. It’s all about Social Media.

Anxiety can be related to panic attacks, deactivating your social accounts, finding yourself no where in between a huge traffic.

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Here are 5 Habits That Prove Social Media’s Stressful Impact On Millennials

1. Poor Sleep

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Lots of Millennials never understand the impact of poor sleep and spend time on their computers and fancy gadgets. If you are not sleeping properly or not having enough sleep then you are inching towards excessive worrying. Poor sleep plays a crucial role in anxiety issues. It’s recommended to sleep at-least 7-8 hours a day.

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2. Skipping your food 

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We have earlier how can you increase your metabolism on GirlsXP. If you are fit and eat your meals timely then half of your health issues are solved. But among millennials we see, skipping of breakfast and sometimes waiting too long to eat their meals. This causes anxiety like dizziness, confusion and shakiness.

It is recommended to have a glass of water right when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Don’t forget to eat your meals regularly and try to keep Social media away when you are having your food.

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3. Excessive Coffee in-take

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Millennials on social media think that drinking coffee will help them perform better and stay more active. According to study, Caffeine can provoke panic attacks and causes dehydration.

If you are taking 4-5 coffee cups daily, then it’s time to skip and switch to other sources of in-take and stay healthy.

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4. Habit of watching movies (Netflix all day)

Millennial do spend lot of time watching movies on Netflix and some others on YouTube. But this is not cool enough, according to a study people who watch movies are more depressed and anxious than those who don’t. Instead of spending time on movies and TV, you can go on a walk, read, write or else look at the wall and sleep ;). You can go out an play sport which you like. This will reduce your anxiety problems and will spend less time on Social media and phone.

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