The Ultimate Guide On How to Flirt With Your Crush

how to flirt with your crush


You breathe oxygen? We have so much in common! They might say flirting is nothing, but trust me it is nothing less than an Art! Being super-friendly with a super attractive guy in a secretive manner is an art, of course. You just can’t afford to mess that up. So the question here is how to flirt with your crush. Flirting is supposed to be subtle and easy. And as I mentioned, the best way to flirt is to leave them wondering if you’re flirting.

You have a crush on someone and you want to confirm if he is interested in you. You are trying to find ways that can help you flirt with your crush. Let’s reverse things a bit. Start by finding a way to let your crush know you’re interested… definitely without over-killing it. Remember the objective is to flirt with them and hint them that you are interested, and not to appear ‘Needy’.

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Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do So As To
Flirt With Your Crush

1. Let us start with the basic

Add them on all Social Media platforms, but not at once. Give thumbs up to their posts. If you consistently double-tap most of their Instagrams, they’ll surely get the hint you are giving.

2. Moving on the Classic

Text them “by accident.” Didn’t follow? Well yes. Text them “What are you doing this evening?” Once they reply, act smart and say, “Sorry, wrong window. I was texting someone else.  Anyway, what’s up with you?” Interesting, right?

3. Also, my Favorite 

Perfect Eye Contact. There’s no creepy staring contest going on, so hold on. Take the subtle route. Look your crush in the eye when you talk at subtle intervals and boast your confident side.

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4. Be Bold and go up to them 

If you cannot even wave and say “hi” to your crush, then my friend, this article is not for you. One second of putting yourself out there and you’re done. They’ll get the message.

5. Pay them an honest compliment

Who doesn’t like compliments? So, go ahead and pay a lovely compliment that will make him blush <one liners blog>. After all, men have a tendency to fall quite early, especially when they feel all blush-y and smiley.

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6. Keep the conversation going

 Start with something simple, and casual. It doesn’t really have to mean something but simultaneously, it has to make at least make sense. It cannot be like “I drink water”, I means really? Start with something like, “Hey, I think I saw you at barista today”. And keep it going.

7. Do not forget what they tell you

 This can be critical when they ask you later. It’s like if you cannot even remember the things they told you then there’s no point of interacting and pursuing them, at all. So, make sure to listen with attention as this can help you earn, “Oh! You remember that! That’s sweet!”

8. Give them something to cherish

Give them moments that will make you appear thoughtful and considerate of their feelings. For instance, if they tell you their favorite chocolate is Cadbury Temptation, keep a stock of it in your bag. You just “happened” to have the same taste, you see. Again, you don’t have the same taste in everything and it’s just a coincidence.

And a Bonus Tip:

Happened to meet your crush at a party? Or happen to have a crush on someone in a party? Play a little bold! Steal their hat and put it on your head with a wink. It’ll make you look adorable and sexy at the same time. It also gives you a chance to understand your crush’s reaction and may be interact with them more.

With all the above mentioned tips, you would have surely got the answer to how to flirt with your crush! Let us know which one worked for you in the comments section below.

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