How To Write A Resume With Zero Work Experience

It’s very difficult to impress an employer to hire you with no job experience. You need your first job to gain experience. How will you impress the employer with your no-job experience. You graduated from college and ready to enter the IT industry or ready to contribute to your family earnings. Many college graduates have questions about, “How should my Resume look with no job experience?”

Google might help you in clearing few doubts like, including your intern experience or your extra-curricular activity. But that will a part of your friends resume too.

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Here are 5 Tips On How To Write A Resume With Zero Work Experience

1. Start with listing your Education

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All your academic awards, pre-placement courses, practical skills like computer languages, accounting, etc. should be listed with your Education. Don’t forget to mention your expected date of graduation (If you are yet to appear for the final exams).

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2. Career Objective

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Many college graduates misunderstand the purpose of career objective. Let us make it clear, Career Objective section helps you to showcase your abilities and skills to fulfill the responsibilities of the position you are applying for. Don’t damage your resume by writing your expectations from the company.

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3. Highlight your Skills 

All the valuable skills like leadership skills, computer skills and multi-tasking abilities should be highlighted in your resume with your past work to prove those.

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4. Include Interests and Hobbies section

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Some people highlight their extracurricular activities like singing, music, or sports in separate section. Also include the sports you belong to (If any). All these will add a good impression on the employer.

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5. Be Cautious and double check what you write

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Never try to lie or write something which does not reflect in your educational qualifications and your attitude. Remember, the employer who is judging you knows how to hire and don’t try to question his/her abilities.

Don’t forget to proofread the resume before showcasing it to the employer or interviewer. All of us have a trusted friend and a family member who is good at english and can rectify your grammatical error and inconsistencies (if any) in your resume.

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