What To Eat For Diwali, The Indian Festival Of Lights

Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Sikhs around the world, Diwali is a festival of Lights. Diwali is celebrated to offer prayers to goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. It is also marks a new fiscal year for Indians. During Diwali, you can see fireworks, ghee-laden candles light up doors and streets. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and goodness over evil.

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With Diwali being celebrated in different parts of India and with different food culture, Here we list few Snacks, Main dishes and Desserts for Diwali feasting for you:

Unlike Christmas holiday season where we celebrate six weeks straight with cakes, pies and cookies. In India, sweets are not consumed unless it’s wedding season or Diwali.

Made with Ghee, sugar, whole-wheat flour, Snacks are often gluten free. Here are few of my favorite snacks. Several weeks before Diwali people start preparing snacks and sweets (My favorites are mutthiya, ghatiya, and Pakoras).

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1. Mutthiya’s are fried dumplings made from calabash or bottle guard.

2. Pakoras are made of fried vegetables and also famous in western      parts of the world.

3. Ghatiya’s are fried strips of graham flour dough.

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People who are fans of Indian Cuisine will know the Main dishes made on Diwali.

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1. Undhiyu – Mix of all vegetables

2. Dal – Plain dal, Dal fry (You will find different varieties of Dal)

3. Pori and aloo sabzi – potatoes and fried bread

4. Paratha’s – Indian flatbread

5. Shrikhand – A sweet dish made from yogurt

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Mithai also known as desserts/sweets. Here are few of my favorite desserts – Coconut barfi (Made with condensed milk and coconut), Gulab jamun (milk dumplings in saffron syrup), Ras malai (Cheese dumplings soaked in creamy sauce), Halvah (Made with carrots, a sweet confectionery), Jalebi (crispy funnel cakes soaked in saffron sauce), kheer (rice puddling, famous throughout the world)

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If you are looking to have Snacks, dishes and desserts this festive season, choose a higher-end Indian restaurant rather than your usual cheap takeout.

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