7 Obvious Signs That Suggest You Should Ask Him Out

You should ask him out


The best proposals are the ones that are done by men sitting on their knees holding a ring. But how often does that happen? Once in a lifetime or may be a couple of times. What if the proposal is not for marriage but a mutual relationship of good likeable and adored feelings for each other?  Well, one simply approaches and confesses the emotions and expresses a wish to start a relationship. I would not deny that it can be an ego boost to be chosen, but still expression of love is an incredible situation.

This time, twist the Romantic tale of your Love by you asking him out. After all, not every story needs to be a typical Bollywood Red Chillies production, sometimes, you ought to move away from the stereotypical to the contemporary ones!

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Here are a few signs that evidently express when you should ask your guy


1. Your comfort level with him

The feeling of being with him is just one of the best you have ever had. You hang out with him, dine together and most importantly despite the fact that he’s not your boyfriend; you just don’t feel comfortable going out with anyone else. You somehow feel it is all wrong.

2. You want to tell him everything

Each time anything terrible happens, he’s the first person that comes to your mind. You just want to tell him everything, simply everything, from dumbest to shittiest things!

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3. He makes you laugh in the most awkward situations

Remember that episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when Monica meets a funny guy at work and she tells that he’s so funny that when he shares his incidents a little pee comes out. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

4. You’re pretty sure he’s into you

He has already ambiguously asked you out a couple of times before and you are pretty sure he’s into you. You are waiting for him to speak up to you directly but perhaps he’s afraid of your answer. So, if you want him, just do it!

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5. He’s not jealous of other guys in your life

So, this one is a little tricky and baffling. If he’s not jealous of other men, he doesn’t like you. Well, it isn’t as simple as it appears to be. He listens to you quietly and affirmatively. It’s like a chair that happens to be an awesome listener. It happens because he’s afraid of losing you.


6. You are able to work his name into absolutely unrelated conversations

Even the stupidest of things remind you of him. “You know who else likes water? Ranbir!” Like, seriously? You are still looking for more reasons to convince yourself?

7. You just want to do it

With all you heart, mind and soul, you feel like doing it! And the best part, you are not afraid of the consequences or perhaps you are prepared to hear the worst-answer, ‘No’.


So, if you were able to relate any of the 4 things with someone who is pretty close to your heart, and about whom you had been thinking while reading this post, you certainly should ask him out, without any second thoughts!

Common! Be a man, woman! Ask him out!

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