Things You Don’t Owe Anyone (Even Though You Think You Do)

Things You Dont owe

We get stuck in a dilemma of situations, whether what we are doing is right or wrong. Making decisions about life and if things will fall into place or not is what keeps our minds occupied. Sometimes people ask you about the reasons behind your decisions or explain your choices. The thing is what we want, who we desire to spend our time with, for whom we have to go that extra mile for, whether we wish to keep our self or another person happy. You might want to express yourself or explain under an obligation to but you don’t have to. No one can absolutely make you want to reply to things and situations in which you just don’t want to respond. It is your business and no one else’s.

Here Are Few Things That You Don’t
Owe To Anyone At All

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1. You don’t owe an apology to everyone

You don’t have to think of apologizing to someone if you don’t want to be sorry. If you think it is just fine to not be sorry about something, so let it be. Why be sorry for something you think you haven’t done wrong. Some people offer a sorry quickly to mend wounds but sometimes just apologizing without letting the other person hear your side of the story often aggravate the wounds. Don’t apologise just for the sake of it.

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2. You don’t owe an explanation about your food preference

Excuse me? Seriously, explaining why you like certain food? Stop. It’s your love for that food item, whether healthy or full of oil, if its spicy or sweet. Eat what you want to and let people do the talking. I love kebabs and I don’t owe an explanation to anyone how eating kebabs gives me so much happiness and relief.

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3. You don’t owe an explanation about your sex life

As long as it happens with a consenting adult you don’t have to explain others why and where you did it. Neither do you owe an explanation their judgment. After marriage, before being hitched, a one night stand whatever it is, it’s your choice, and you don’t owe reasons of your preferences.

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4. You don’t owe an explanation about your personal choices

whether you want to study further or get hitched, whether you want to follow your dreams or just sit like a potato on the bed all day, it’s your choice. Choosing your family or career or love life is upon you, how you want the things to fall in the future is your decision so let go of the questions that are thrown at your by the people because  you just don’t owe them an explanation of your doings.

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5. You don’t owe an explanation about your religious beliefs

You are not answerable to anyone for following a particular region be it Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Sikh or if you are an atheist. It’s what you believe in and want to preach. People need to accept you for who you are and if they can’t then they are the ones who are not worthy of your time.

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6. You don’t owe an explanation for your relationship or love choices

Love is the most beautiful thing, isn’t it? Does it require any explanation? I don’t think so. You are not answerable to anyone for being in love with a man or a woman or a person who is either elder to you or younger. Don’t leave or stay in a relationship because other people want you to live this way. Just fall in love with who you think is the right one for you and let people think whatever they have to.

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Be confident of who you are and how you live your life. The constant eyes that will be judging you don’t need to be answered. Love yourself and believe in your choices.