The Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Breakup

Here’s Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Breakup. We all get it, breakups feel like the end of the world while you’re in the thick of it all. But feeling sorry for yourself and going through his Instagram isn’t going to make you feel better any sooner. It’s critical that you are proactive in cheering yourself up because you are the only person on this planet that can control how you feel. Everyone around you telling you everything is going to be okay, or that you were too good for him, or that you deserve better is simply trying to make you feel better. But they might not give you the tough-lovin’ and impartial point of view that is actually going to wake you up.

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These 5 steps are ultimately going to put you on the path to accepting that you’re now single. Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Breakup

1. You’re Not Actually Alone

It may feel like you’re alone, but that’s just you isolating yourself because you’re upset. The reality is, you probably have a solid group of friends and family members who care about you and are going to be your backbone. Instead of hiding out in your room, contemplating sending off an I miss you text, keep yourself occupied by hanging out with your girlfriends, siblings, parents, whoever. Maybe pick up an extra shift at work. Do everything you can to stay busy and keep your mind from wandering to dark places.

2. Write It Down

As silly as it may feel, Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Breakup is to start journaling. Writing down how you really feel in a spot where no one but you is ever going to see it, is going to help organize your thoughts and get everything out of your system. If you don’t have someone you feel comfortable talking to, you always have the option of unleashing all those pent-up emotions by putting pen to paper.

3. Throw It Out

Now, this may seem counter-productive to step 2, but after writing down everything you feel on paper, crumple it up and throw it out. Maybe even set fire to it, just get rid of it. While you are at it, throw out any physical reminders of him that still linger around. Delete all those cute couple photos, throw out or remove any of his belongings that you still have or things he’s given to you. Doing this is a symbolic way of letting go of the relationship and creating an out-of-site-out-of-mind effect. Why torture yourself with constant reminders of your no-longer relationship.

4. Unfollow

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Breakup and the most difficult but the most effective step. Although you may feel tempted to keep tabs on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, don’t. Instead, make it incredibly difficult for yourself to know what he’s up to. Delete, unfollow and block him on every platform that you can possibly contact or see him on. Again, this may be difficult because deep down you actually want to be able to talk to him or see his posts. But why put yourself through that when you have the power to protect your sanity and move on. Don’t ask his friends how he’s doing or if he’s mentioned you at all, don’t drive by his place to see if he’s home or not and don’t purposely try to run into him somewhere. Do everything you can to mind your own business, unfollow him
literally and figuratively.

5. Start Dating Again

You’ve probably heard the expression “to get over someone, get under someone else”. While this is completely true, it only works once you’ve settled your emotions. If you can think about your ex without crying anymore, you might be ready to get back out there. Don’t start looking for a new boyfriend just yet, you’re not ready for that. But getting dolled up, going out to the bars and meeting a new guy might just be the perfect reminder that there are more guys out there that have potential and make you feel good about yourself. Once you realize that you still got it, you’ll be ready to get back on the horse and eventually meet someone worth being in a relationship with again. It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s what has to happen until you meet the one.

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By: Elizabeth Spina 

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