Women Who Aim to Reach for the Sky in Male Dominated Motorsports


It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman.

What if we were to tell you, however, that there is a group in Coimbatore which turns the tables on this staid phrase, where a man has led not one, but a number of women to astounding success? But then, Ahura racing was a game-changer right from its inception in 2017. Conceptualized by Sarosh Hataria, three-time national racing champion, in the memory of his mother who was a racer way back in 1986-87, Ahura is India’s only all-women racing team redefining the world of motorsports.

There are women who are either homemakers, dentists, corporates, students, expatriates or come from a different background altogether, striving to fit themselves in this male-dominated sport. Their ultimate aim is to win in everything they do and break a few glass ceilings in the process.

Alisha Abdullah, Aishwarya Pissay and Garima Avtar are few amongst the best female drivers from all over the country who have shown their caliber and gone full throttle against the best of Indian racers. Adding more to the success of the female racers in India, platforms like Volkswagen’s Ameo Cup are working relentlessly towards developing talent in the country without any gender discrimination.

While women sportspersons are making a name in many male-dominated sports, with figures such as Mary Kom leading the charge, racing was still a domain that witnessed negligible female participation. With Ahura, the wheels of change have been set in motion, only to leave every gender prejudice trailing far behind!