Keep the Man You’re Dating Interested in You in 3 Easy Ways


He’s handsome, smart, kind and loving. Seems like you already found the man you want to out dating and have been waiting for the rest of your life! Would you let him slip through your fingers? Of course not! And so, if you really adore this certain guy, you better not screw up!

However, what you’re being afraid of is the possibility that whilst you know for sure he is the man of your dreams, you can’t just tell if you are the woman of his. If you want to turn those dates into a relationship, then below are some tips to keep your Mr. Right interested in you:

Ask questions if you must


Keep in mind that men are just as nervous as us when it comes to dating. Because we assume men have it all together, we give up our power and leave the whole interaction in a man’s hands which is not too ideal. Asking a few questions can help you to guide the process.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions just because you’re a woman. If you truly want to keep him interested, then you must show that you are interested as well (but not too much). For sure, you are that curious of him, especially if you are just dating for a short time. By asking a few questions, you don’t only keep his interest, you also get the chance to know him better.

Additionally, in pursuit of more dates, you can also ask him straight out, “Will I see you again?” This seemingly doesn’t sound good for others; however, it works. Don’t get afraid to ask bold question because you fear rejection. What you desire to know as soon as possible is whether or not this man is serious in pursuing you, so yeah, learn to ask.

Give him compliments


“Compliments are acts of kindness. When given you are affirming someone else, which is powerful. They say that women fall in love with their ears but the truth is we all do to some degree.”

We girls are so fond of being complimented, however, what we must know is that men too love getting compliment, especially from the ones they care about. When you compliment someone, you are making it through their hearts. If you want to appreciate him through descriptive essays, then do it! Let your man you are dating feel good by recognizing the little things that he does. Learn to be genuine, sweet and thoughtful. Tell him that he’s smart, kind, caring, a great date and wonderful to be around with.

Be patient


Don’t expect him to drop things right away just so he could he see you. Don’t be too clingy and refrain from freaking out when you don’t get a text back, or a call when you expect it. Remember that the two of you are still trying waters. If it would work, then that’s great. Let things take their own time.

Dating is a long-term process you better be patient at.  Obviously, you don’t want to burn hot and burn out quickly. If someone is into you and you want it to last, be patient. Patience is the key to great relationships. It’s amazing when you start to feel positive emotions but we can’t let it take over us to the point that it’ll burn out our promising relationship. You can’t rush or race to get to know someone.

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