The 5 Quickest Ways to Kill Your Relationship

The 5 Quickest Ways to Kill Your Relationship

Both partners have a responsibility to nurture a relationship and protect it from any challenges. If one party is not serious and fails to perform their part, then the relationship is jeopardized. Some studies have shown that couples are likely to kill their relationship quickly because they fail to take control of it. On the other hand, aging together in love is only for those who are determined to overcome relationship challenges. To stay alert and protect your relationship, here are the things that could kill your relationship the quickest.

1. Blame Game

Blaming the other person for the mistakes that you have made is a serious relationship killer. It is important to take responsibility and apologize for the mistakes that you have made. Any person would want to get out of a relationship where they are blamed at all times. It is also a sign of no love because love cares. If you find yourself passing the blame of your mistakes to your partner, you need to change before you kill the relationship.

2. Complaining At All Times

Some people are natural complainers. It is hard to please a person who takes all things negatively. If you check popular dating sites that are listed on, you will realize that people are interested in dating people who appreciate the effort one is making rather than complaining at all times. Complainers hardly realize the dangers that they are putting their relationship into. As a matter of fact, they can easily kill the relationship at any moment when their partners cannot take any more.

3. Cheating

Although social life is changing and having multiple partners is more accepted, any person who is in a serious relationship will not tolerate it. It hurts and puts the relationship at high risk. Some people feel insecure when their partner is a cheater. It is a habit that demeans the other person to an extent of feeling useless since they know that they do not make you happy. People who cheat may not have a valid reason, but they are quickly killing the relationship without knowing.

4. Violence

Being violent to your partner, either physically or verbally, is wrong. It is against the law to cause harm to another person. Relationships that are abusive in this manner rarely last long. According to social and relationships experts, this habit can kill a healthy relationship within a short time. Research also shows that more men than women are violent in relationships. This may be a result of other factors like cheating, financial misuse, and many others. However, people can solve their differences through dialogue rather than fighting.

5. Financial Misuse

All issues related to finances can cause significant problems in any relationship. If one partner is misusing money in ways other than the agreed budget, problems will definitely arise. Common financial issues in relationships include alcohol, drug abuse, and buying extravagant things. Even though the couple may not be married, financial abuse from one partner raises a red flag of more problems in the future. Therefore, the other person may opt to withdraw from such a relationship.