A Journey From Malishka Mendonsa To Mumbai Ki Rani

We had an opportunity to catch up with one of the most prominent influencer in Mumbai, whose voice wakes up the netizens of Mumbai – Meet RJ Malishka, a fun, energetic, and quirky personality talking about her journey from “Malishka Mendonsa” to “Mumbai ki Rani”.

We all know “RJ Malishka” as “Mumbai ki Rani”, but many might not know your journey from “Malishka Mendonsa” to “Mumbai ki Rani”. Can you tell us about your journey and how you became “Mumbai ki Rani”?

Consistency, Patience, and Awareness paved my way to becoming “Mumbai ki Rani”. When someone enters Mumbai for the first time, she/he never really knows what will happen, it is a subconscious journey. Just do what you enjoy and then your audience will enjoy you too, In my case, my listeners enjoy listening to me because I love my job.

I wanted to try everything after my post-graduation in Social Media Communication and fortunately for me, radio had just started to boom. I cleared my auditions and post that I was all- excited, nervous and confident. Even though I chose a smaller radio channel then, it was a great experience and after that my journey with RedFM began. I believe it’s all progress and step by step building of being yourself, it’s about being consistent and lastly- like I said: “Having the highest motivation is your best intent”. And even though I multi-task, Radio is Home for me.

Does having a good voice play a major role in RJ’s Success?

Nobody can watch you on the radio so when people give me compliments like ‘I love your voice’ I guess they mean they ‘love what I DO’ with my voice on air. I had to understand my pros and cons and the situation in front of and lastly- and communicate and execute that properly on air.  “Audience ke dil main apni awaz se kaise ghar banate ho woh important hai”.

A Journey From Malishka Mendonsa To Mumbai Ki RaniWhat are the difficulties RJ’s face?

Being a Radio Jockey, you can get slotted as One. As in ‘She’s an RJ’. But I believe that everyone can do or contribute to various fields. For eg: I try to my hands-on RJ, acting, hosting, etc. Radio was never a mass news channel. I had its own personality. I remember even Shahrukh Khan (SRK) struggled initially to understand the medium and communicate with the audience. Today, people have realized the popularity and power of Radio. Tons fo people now including Actors are heading in that direction, knowing how big its reach is today and what all it can do.

Timing can also be one of the main problems. You sometimes have to wait till your guest fro long hours. But honestly, these are petty issues compared to the gigantic joys of radio. For eg: how my thoughts can turn into a reality tomorrow, how I can maybe ACTUALLY change lives or maybe start a revolution and also change loves. On top of that…i don’t need to do any make. Now, that’s a blessing I have to point out, she laughs.

Have you ever made a mistake on-air live? Can you tell us more about it?

I remember saying six as sex 2-3 times in a day. I acknowledge and move on during the conversations on air. Sometimes you play a wrong song, wrong introduction. It totally depends on the RJ how he/she handles it.

Looking into the future, many people are coming up with their own podcast shows. What is your take on that? Have you given it a thought?

I think I’m the only RJ who has done a podcast which is #MainBhi for JioSaavn (similar to #MeToo movement). PodcastPodcasts are a trend these days, people love listening while traveling and I would love to do more podcasts if people approach me.

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This Kapoor Boy I tell you!! It’s 7 years since his first film, 7 years since we first met and our love, camaraderie and heavy duty flirtation still continues… exactly like it looks in this Boom😄 kitna pyaar hai. All the best @arjunkapoor for all the good things in life that you’re doing and that are happening to you 😉 Stay inspired and whenever that shaadi happens (yes yes I know you said it’s not AT ALL happening now) but whenever … I gotta be in the baraat!😈😈😈❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see this film with you #Indiasmostwanted . Thanks for a fab fab chat @redfmindia … but then Tum aur hum jab milte hain… aise phool Khilte hain. Catch the interview soon on #redfm #mumbaikirani #mumbai #bollywood #arjunkapoor

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Being a famous RJ, what perks does it bring with that?

Money, fame, and love. I love trying different things like hosting, TV shows, web series, movies, etc. I keep upgrading myself with the latest trends and topics. When people say I helped them come out of depression etc, I feel more responsible and it adds more value to my job.

Your relationship status is a mystery. Would you like to share your thoughts on relationship/love?

“Do you have a boyfriend?” – asked Deepika Padukone. “Haan behen tumhara ho sakta hai toh mera bhi ho sakta hai” – I don’t remember if I said this to her but it was in my head.

Yes, I am dating a wonderful man for the past six years. He was the creative head of RedFM and now moved as creative head at Saavn. I think love is a very beautiful thing. Nobody is perfect, you just have to find that right person.

Also, now you are an actress too, people know you by your appearance and face. How this attention is actually different from RJ’ing or when people just knew your Voice?

Things have changed now, I did Tumhari Sulu, web series and the pothole song which went viral, made people recognize me as a celebrity. People used to come and tell me that my children don’t eat anything unless he/she listens to that song, thank you for speaking the truth.

I really believe I was born for the camera, it’s just that I started talking before I started acting.

Any advice you have for the girls?

The world will constantly try to put you in a box, do this, do that, don’t do that, don’t wear those clothes, don’t speak like that, don’t put your legs like that, don’t go out at night. Of course, be safe but my point is you must be able to carve out your own ways and you must be able to do it fearlessly.

Be fearless, and don’t be afraid to experiment, if don’t experiment and if you don’t move out then you will be the same person as everyone in the world. I was an average student too, but now when I get messages from my school which I have never thought. The world is new and such a different place, try it out. You can go beyond doctor, engineer, and lawyer and this is the time. Try out the world.

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