Women who dared to step in the me(a)n world of Motorsports

Women who dared to step in the me(a)n world of Motorsports

Clutch, brakes, men, women?

If you were asked to find the odd one out among these words, most probably you will choose women.

If you did, you just stepped into a stereotype. If you didn’t, congratulations, but it would be interesting to know your answer.

Women are not competent drivers. This is a thought many men share, and back it with recollections of personal experiences retold with a skewed perspective that almost makes them look like the Nelson Mandela of Traffic. However, a few women are gradually turning this stereotype onto its head, leaving it in a puff of dust as it tries to chase them in vain.

In fact, nowadays, platforms like Volkswagen’s Ameo Cup are working relentlessly towards developing Motorsport talent in the country. This year the series had 20 racers from different parts of the country all contending for the top spot out of which 2 were women. And their skills demonstrated that they are on the right path to make themselves a name in motorsport.

Ahura Racing, India’s first ever all-female racing team, has broken a few glass ceilings on their way to the annals of Indian motorsport history. Comprising a motley crew of dentists, students, homemakers, corporate professionals, expat women, the members come from diverse backgrounds with no background in racing, but an inherent passion for it. Critics might argue that the team is after all led by professional racer Sarosh Hataria, but a detailed look into the team manager’s life further establishes the deep connection of racing and women. Sarosh was inspired to promote the cause of women motorsports from his mother Uma Hataria, a racer during the much more conventional years of 1986-87.

Ahura racing is everything modern womanhood stands for breaking conventions, pursuing one’s passion and acing races, whether they are with fellow men drivers, the society or with one’s own limitations. It is about being the best on the track, and looking far ahead of the chequered flags!