7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

Guys are undeniably and unquestionably difficult to understand creatures because they neither fall in the category of ‘complicated’ not ‘simple’. They fall somewhere in between and hence they are misunderstood by the women. As they say, men are from Mars and women belong to Venus. Men are certainly not as intense as women but they do have sealed windows – you just can’t get in; they won’t reveal out!

Owing to their egoistic nature and the thoughts in-built in their minds by default since childhood, men aren’t as expressive as women. They expect you to understand them even when they do not disclose things. Men wish that girls knew a few things about them to have better understanding in your love life.

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1. He Too Gets Hurt

Even guys are sensitive. Guys too, have emotions and get hurt. They pretend to be stronger and egoistic during a fight, but they do feel the pain of heartbreak. He might not cry or plead, but he does feel. So, try to see beyond his hard side and understand his sensitive self.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

2. Need For Space Is Inevitable

Guys need their space. In fact, everyone should have their personal space for mental relaxation. If he says, he needs space; it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore. Don’t misunderstand his need for space. Let him have it! This will help him be connected to his friends and family. And for men, friends and family definitely mean much.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

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3. He Simply Hates It When You Praise Other Guys

Well, take it as a disclaimer. No matter how cool they pretend to be, they hate it when you praise other men in front of them. Let me explain how this works. You talk about your friend’s good looks and nature in front of him. This results into two things. First, it hurts your guy’s self-esteem. Second, believe it or not, men are extremely possessive about their girls.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

4. His Heart Beats For Attention

Time and again, we all need to be assured that our partners are proud of us. So is the case with men. So, whenever you are out with him, follow these things – hold his arm, and walk with him. It makes him feel as a protector and gives his male ego a boost. Most guys really love PDAs.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

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5. Appreciate His Gifts (Even If They Are Thoughtless)

As girls, we spend a lot of time thinking about the thoughtful gifts for our men. Sadly, men are not as deep and intense as women and so there would be times when a guy’s gifts may appear to be absolutely dull or thoughtless. But trust me, he did try hard enough. So, appreciate his little love gesture.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

6. Either Be A Feminist Or A Weaker Sex – Not Both!

Girls, you need to decide – you can either get equality or reservation for being the ‘weaker sex’. You cannot simply have it both ways. It’s like you would not have your cake but you want to eat that too. Doesn’t work that way! Every criticism of you is not the censure of womanhood.

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

7. Men Aren’t Complicated, Believe It

Just because he’s staring at the sky or looking profoundly at the sea, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s thinking anything serious. In fact, if he’s thinking anything serious, he will talk that out. He’s probably thinking what will he have for lunch or what time is the FIFA starting. Let it be!

7 Things Men Secretly Want You To Know

So, girls now that you know these few things that men wish girls knew, even when they do not say it loud, try to understand him more. And as I said, men fall somewhere in between the complicated and simple, just be a little patient with him. Not all men want to hurt you and not all men are the same. If you want your guy to understand you, you need to understand him too. After all, relationship is a two-sided game.
Happy Dating!

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