7 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand

When we see tall girls winning at beauty contests with that perfect height and body, all short girls get jealous and just dream of being tall. Long legs, killer smile and standing ovation from audience for their walk in beauty shows, tall girls get everything. But there few problems which only tall girls will understand, its not so easy to be a tall girl.

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            Here are 7 Problems Only Tall Girls              Will Understand

1. How Tall Are You?

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People Keep asking How tall are you? People are parties, office, college, almost everywhere you get only one question, How Tall Are You? It’s so annoying and only tall girls know this.

2. How Is The Weather “Up There”?

Better than your piss-poor attitude – my reply to people asking, How is the weather “up there”?

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3. People comparing you with giraffe

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Comparing you with the tallest animal and making fun of your height. It just pisses me off. I wish, I could kill all my relatives and friends who compare me with giraffe.

4. Heels

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The real struggle is whether to wear heels or not? People are to stare at you when you wear three inch heels and walk into room with your six feet height. Its just so confusing.

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5. Dating

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When your boyfriend is 6’5″ and you match his height with your heels, he just throws a temper tantrum and tell why are those heels necessary. These kind of relationships never last longer. When you date online and guy on profile says he’s 6’0″ and turn out to be 5’8″, it’s so frustrating. I just scream and walk away. Why do you have to lie? leave it.

6. Getting Your Head Cut Off In Pictures

Only tall girls will understand this, getting their head cut off in pictures. It’s like forever without a forehead in pictures. 🙁

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7. Dresses

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Finding right skirts, shorts or dresses is a real struggle for all tall girls. Every time we buy a dress, we wear it with jeans or something else. Why can’t I wear shorts or skirts? To all those jeans brands, thank-you for keeping tall sizes in your stores. You are our saviors, but I don’t really understand the logic behind pricing tall cloths. Like I know it costs more material it should be priced accordingly (XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL scale should be priced according to size).

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