What Do Men Find Attractive In Women – 5 Things That Drive Guys Crazy

What Do Men Find Attractive in Women
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Dear Girls,

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women? We have been listening to people that say men are most attracted to women with curves. Although, there isn’t denying that men are obsessed about the curves but forget flaunting your curves for a while. Because it’s time to get a few facts right!

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Here’s What Do Men Find Attractive In Women – Forget Flaunting Curves, 5 Things That Drive Guys Crazy 

1. Luscious Lips

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women
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Ever wondered why Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson are so lusted after? What Do Men Find Attractive In Women? You should not anymore. A study at Manchester University revealed that lips are a girl’s most attractive physical attribute.

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Add On: The colors Pink and Red were found to attract a man even more. In fact, red was also chosen to be the most classy and sexy.

2. Arabian Eyes

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women
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Men are attracted to women with big and beautiful eyes, since they catch the attention at first sight and more so when there’s a romantic eye contact, the mystic Arabian eyes make him go weak on his knee.

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Add On: All the more with a perfect winked eye-liner, you got it.

3. Natural Blush

Well, when you meet a group of friends or some friends of friends, and there’s this mysterious guy looking at you from a distance. You know he’s a little dazzled with your looks but here’s something you got to do – make an eye contact and then blush a little. Yah, you got him!

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Add on: Preferably the eye contact should last for 3- 5 seconds in order to have the natural blush.

4. High-Pitched Voice

Men have a tendency to get more attracted to women who are bold and independent and such women tend to have high-pitched voices. Their voice apparently makes them way sexier.

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Add On: If your voice isn’t high-pitched, do not try to make it sound like that. Please!

5. Certainly Hips Don’t Lie

So, this means Shakira actually meant it and the Kardashians are actually following it are indeed correct. Research says, most men get attracted to larger hip-to-waist ratios.

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Add On: You surely do not need to follow the Kardashians league. It was just an example!