7 Things You Should Definitely Try With Your Bestfriends In 2017


What was meant to be left behind in 2016 is gone far by and what we have is 2017, full of dreams and adventures. 2016 was an insane year for some of us and for others it might not be as good as they anticipated it to be. We did quite a lot of crazy stupid stuff last year. Looking forward for a crazy bucket list to complete it with your bestfriends this year?

Here is a list of crazy ideas and happy little moments you must try with your bestfriends in 2017

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1. Shopping Spree

The but obvious thing to do with your bestfriends, it is something that we all love. Shop all that you desire for and want to add to the absolutely gorgeous wardrobe that you own. This year try out different places and those streets you haven’t explored yet. Bring out the shopaholic inside you!

Try With Your Bestfriends
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2. Relax and Meditate

Since the city life keeps us busy and we look for ways to just have some time for self-introspection, why not give our hectic schedule a break? Destress yourself by doing some yoga or meditation or going to a spa with your bestfriends. Take some time off and relax your mind.

Try With Your Bestfriends

3. Adventures

Are you all up for an adrenaline rush? Why not explore and bring out the adventurous you by enjoying the simple actions that pump up your heart. Take your girls along go out for bicycle riding, scuba diving and a road trip. Let the crazy adventure inside you take you out for endless memories.

Try With Your Bestfriends

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4. Volunteer work

Why not devote some time to do something good? Go out and help the ones in need. Whether it is helping for a NGO or working for the betterment of your city. Contribute to the level of your expertise and capability, you will feel content by lending your hand to help.

Try With Your Bestfriends
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5. Karaoke

Sing your heart out with your girls. Don’t be afraid of how you will sound or whether someone will judge you, be yourself bringing out the singer in you and rock on that stage with your oomph.

Try With Your Bestfriends
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6. Beach Holiday

Grab your holiday bag and get set to enjoy the sun tanning, water and the amazing beach view. Go out with your girlies for some beach water side fun over a couple of drinks or well I will just say coconut water.

Try With Your Bestfriends7. Food tasting

Explore and try out different cuisines and restaurants. Why stick to the old menu? Go a little out of your comfortable food preferences and taste something unique.

Try With Your Bestfriends

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Make this year the one to remember with your girls!