7 Ways How To Get A Boy Talking To You Even Though You Are Shy

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Some of us are introverts when it comes to talking to people and get conscious around people. The shy little person inside you doesn’t let your charm to do wonders for you when it comes to flirting and chatting boys, isn’t it? For all the shy girls who think they can never attract a boy or have the guts to be in a conversation. So this will surely help you to get a boy talking to you or might be more than that 😉

Here are a few things that might work for you
to get a boyfriend

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1. Be confident

Don’t hesitate and carry yourself confidently. This might sound a little opposite of how you might behave, but having self confidence will get you whatever you want. Hold your head up high and walk like you own the place.

Get A Boy Talking To You

2. Dress To Impress

Look out for the best attire in your wardrobe and nail the look. Don’t be too pretentious but just be you. Pick the perfect outfit for the perfect time and place be it a suit for an office place or a beautiful evening dress for a smashing party.

Get A Boy Talking To You

3. Play With Your Looks

Since you hesitate talking directly to the man, just give him little hints of your interest. Play with your eyes, look at him and smile, flip your hair and you’ll definitely grab his attention. Let your actions do the talking girl!

Get A Boy Talking To You

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4. Don’t Pretend

Don’t try and imitate another person, cut down being pretentious. Don’t try too hard to impress some boy and don’t freak him out. Bring in your charm and have a positive attitude; let the man notice you for being you.

Get A Boy Talking To You

5. Don’t Hesitate When Approached

Dig yourself deep down and bring out the communication skills within you. Don’t be reluctant when a man shows interest in you. Maintain your calm and don’t freak out when he does the talking.

Get A Boy Talking To You
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6. Small Talks

If a boy approaches you, smile and do the small talking. Make yourself comfortable and participate equally in the conversation with him in case you are interested. Keep the conversation alive and built up the talking to your interests.

Get A Boy Talking To You
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7. Play Hard To Get

Even if he is too handsome to handle and you so want to take things further, act a little pricey. Why be the easy peasy one? Keep your shy side aside but don’t get carried away way too soon. Give him a little tough time!

Get A Boy Talking To You
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