7 Types Of Guys Women Date Before Finding The Right One

types of guys women date
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We all have this endless list of foolish men that we date and we often laugh at the choices we’ve made. From nerds to the rising sports stars, we’ve done it all. This often makes me question my sanity but I shall go ahead with it anyway. There are various types of guys women date before she finds the right one.

“So, here’s an ode to all those men I dated before I finally settled for the right one! (hopefully, else he shall be an 8th addition to the list)”

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1.The Athletic Stud

He’s used to be Mr. Popular having the perfect girl by his side, the star who made it to every place without a single pit stop and also, that guy who have the privilege to date you! This guy was nowhere close to the perfect image he portrayed. He was messed up, lousy and a strict ‘no-no.’ The sad part is, we all never realized it earlier.

Types Of Guys Women Date
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2. The Clingy One

I don’t mean to boast, but I’ve had too many of these on the way. This guy will dote on you, he will shower you with love and constant phone calls. He’s the one who does not understand the meaning of taking it slow. Such guys comes across as pretty attractive until you dig deeper and find that you are actually dating a woman.

Types Of Guys Women Date
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3. The Guy Who Loved You But You Didn’t Love Him Back

This is just a shattering love story in the making. There always comes a time when you get to date someone who might be a perfect impersonation of THE ONE but he just isn’t the one for you. Buddy, you never really did anything wrong but that was life knocking you in the face.

4. The Cranky One

First question – WHY? Second Question – MORE WHYs? This guy would cry over everything – his Ex Girlfriend, his parents, his grades! Aren’t you grateful that you moved out when you had to time to. So sure that he cried over you too!

Types Of Guys Women Date
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5. The Heart Breaker

We’ve all been here at some points in our life. Karma played us all right and we’ve got our hearts broken too. This type of guy came in with all the wrong reasons and left with all the right ones. Next, please? I might cry.

6. The Self Absorbed Guy

‘Aren’t my calves looking brilliant’ or ‘Did you notice my new hair’ This guy was all over the place. Never did he once pay attention to you or what you did for him. He might as well have dated the mirror, if he had the chance because he took ‘Love Yourself’ too seriously.

Types Of Guys Women Date
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7. The Geek

This guy was a total sweetheart! We would all want to be friends with him. Having to date this guy would end up in smart conversations. He was nerdy but monotonous. What’s the fun in that?

Types Of Guys Women Date
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P.S: If my Exs are reading this, no hard feelings eh?