8 Times Taylor Swift Proved To The World That She’s The Ultimate Diva

Taylor Swift may be known for crop tops and high-waisted outfits now, but her feminine signature style was years in the making. Edgy, feminine and cute, Taylor swift was born on December 13, 1989. She whips up a tune that can break hearts or mend a few. She is Marilyn Monroe gone wild and shake it up like true goth.

Here are 9 times when Taylor Swift dressed up to set the world on fire

  1. On March 26, 2016
taylor swift
© The Sun

Black-sequinned jumpsuit with an over sized ear cuff. Isn’t she looking gorgeous?

2. On May 27, 2015

Taylor swift
© The Zoe Report

Leaving her apartment in New York City, Taylor owns it as always,popping some color with suede blue pumps on structured white romper.

3. On March 9, 2015

taylor swift
© Insta

We love it when Taylor swift wears block with a flourish of a bowler hat.

4. On December 8, 2014

taylor swift
© Intsa

Winters were never this cool. A red beanie, yellow overcoat and colored pants, steamed up things nice and fine.

5. On April 19, 2015

Taylor swift
© Pinterest

Cute, blue-collared dress, perfect school girl hair and a summer bag to round it up. Taylor swift nailed it in this picture.

6. May 28, 2015

Taylor swift
© Pinterest

Out in New York city, Low-sling dungarees with chic white cropped top and hair that makes you sigh; Love you Taylor Swift !!


7. November 17, 2014

Taylor swift
© Pinterest

Cowboy boots, draped plaid poncho and adorable grass-green woollen scarf.

8. July 13, 2015

Taylor Swift
© Pinterest

Leaving her New York City apartment in a pink lace dress, jeweled headband, and nude heels.

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