4 Biggest Turn-offs For Women

If you are looking for a long term relationship or presently dating someone, it is essential for you to know certain things which can act as the biggest turnoffs for women. Women are on the sensitive side to a great extent, but you also need to understand that women are guided by emotions more than a man in the context of any events or situations, be it related to their personal or professional lives. Any negligence in your speaking style or attitude can be biggest turn-offs for women instantly. This turn offs for women can be both sexual related as well as general lifestyle. Now for ensuring the success of your relationship, it is necessary to learn them thoroughly so as to ensure that you avoid the following.

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Here are 4 Biggest Turn-offs For Women

Have a look at some of the biggest turn-off for women. Both general and sexual context is included here.

1. Self-admiration

Biggest turn-offs for Women
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Over confidence is not good and if you continue holding this attitude in any situations, the same can turn off the mood of your lady. That doesn’t mean that women don’t acknowledge and appreciate a man who is self-assured. But they dislike guys who are overdone with it. Overconfidence sometimes stands for glorifying your image. This makes a woman feel humiliated and considered less powerful. Hence, don’t show too much confidence in anything when your lady is by your side. Or else, be ready to welcome the void in your relationship.

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2. Talking about Ex

This is something you should never do and biggest turn-offs for women. Talking about your Ex will make your lady turn off. She will develop an image of you not being able to get over your past relationship, but attempt to start a fresh one with no reason. Your Ex is your past. So why not leave that behind and proceed? Well, if you can’t get over this, then better stay away from heading with any new relationship. Or else at the end of the day, your talks about your Ex will keep both you and the lady frustrated with the development of a communication and emotional gap in the relation.

3. Being over instructional

Biggest turn-offs for Women
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You might be having good bedroom skill and experience, but don’t act as an instructor for your lady in the bedroom, especially during the first stage of intimacy. It is necessary to understand that there are numerous right and wrong ways of encouraging a woman to proceed with such stuff. It is natural to make love and the same strengthens a relationship, but you need to make sure that you treat the same in a proper manner. Instructing a woman about how to do and what not to do will end up grabbing the true natural experience you both should relish from love making and will also install a sense of impairment in her.

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4. Sex obsession

As a man, you enjoy sex because of the fun you get in this act, and that is natural. But if you are sex obsessed, then that will portray you as a creepy guy to your girl. Again, if you don’t express any sexual interest, that will create a childlike image of you to the girl. At the same time, you need to know that women consider the emotional bond to be the fuel igniting intimacy. So don’t reveal your sex-obsessed character to your lady and let the emotion you both shares do its work.

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It is true that with the growing span of the relationship, your lady will gain interest and will be ready to hear about your past life, your likes/dislikes and so but it is also important to reach that stage and let her initiate these as part of the conversation.

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