6 Common Texting Habits Of Girls That Push Guys Away

Have you ever wondered that the guy whom you were texting all of a sudden stopped checking and replying to your texts? Maybe there isn’t any fault on your part, but then what is it? Guys, like girls, are equally interested in texting, and you will get to know too if you check their message inbox. But if they are so much interested in texting than what is it that the guy who expressed so much interest in being your friend and having a chat with you suddenly stopped responding to your hellos and emoji? Wait! Don’t you dare think that is it because of the Kissy face that you had sent him before you two went for a date? So then??? Give your brain a break as this article brings to you some common texting habits of girls that guys dislike.

Here are 6 Common Texting Habits Of Girls That Push Guys Away

Texting habits, be it for a girl or a guy change from time to time, or it will be better to say- it changes now and then. So there are certain things that didn’t change- some texting habits considered by guys as pet peeves.

1. Initiating a conversation with boring topics

Common Texting Habits
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This isn’t scary, but the same will create an impression in a guy’s mind that you cannot offer a better conversation than this. Don’t talk about the roads, the weather, the art, literature or about any other stuff that you are passionate about. Again, don’t waste your time asking about some trivial things such as “what you ate?”, “Who is your favorite actor?” etc.  Go ahead with some trendy, interesting topics to retain his texting interest.

2. Texting more than what they do

While a girl doesn’t like when a guy keeps on texting her, the same is applicable for most guys too. They don’t like when a girl texts him too much. Maybe the one you are engaged in a conversation with is of the similar type. Well, this too much is not about their interest or likes. This too much is when the subject turns out to be those that don’t matter.

3. Not texting or responding as much they do

This is where guys consider you as an egoistic girl, and the same also revives their ego. They don’t only consider you not replying as your disinterest, but also the same affect their self-respect too.

4. Responding to any questions with emoji’s or vague answers

You have those enticing emoji’s in your message tool box indeed but when you continue using those for responding to his messages, which gives a clear image of your disinterest and affects his sentiment too. Guys want simply a clear answer to all their questions. If a guy is complimenting good about your looks, simply reply with a “thank you” and don’t turn out complicating the scenario. If you are busy, tell them “will catch you later. M a bit busy”. Don’t complicate simple things unnecessarily with those emoji’s, which are often fishy.

5. Don’t freak out because of the time gap between the time when the message was seen and replied back

Common Texting Habits
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At times, due to technical glitches, those ticks turn blue even when the message is not viewed by the recipient. Hence, this leads to a time gap between the message seen and replied to. Avoid your attitude of freaking out at the same. Not all guys like that.

6. One word replies

This again ignites male ego and affect their self-respect. One word replies kill the charm of the conversation.

So if you are the one adhering to this kind of texting habits, it’s time to get done with the same or else be ready for the texts that you send, go unread.

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