7 Cervical Cancer Signs Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

Cervical Cancer is when there is an abnormal growth of cells on the cervix. It is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. Cervical cancer can be treated if found at an early stage with the help of the Pap test. It is commonly caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus or HPV. Cervical cancer does not appear to be obvious but if you notice these changes, immediately visit your gynecologist.

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Here are the signs every woman must be aware of to treat Cervical Cancer before hand

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1. Vaginal discharge

Cervical Cancer
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The unusual watery discharge due to the growth of cancer cells sheds from the uterine wall. This is one of the symptoms that you should pay attention to.

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2. Bleeding

Cervical Cancer
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Cervical cancer causes the cervix wall to dry out and cause bleeding. If there is bleeding after sex, out of the menstrual period or after menopause, it should be checked upon.

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3. Problems in Urination

Cervical Cancer
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Cervical cancer causes the cervix to swell up, making the kidneys and bladder compress resulting in obstruction in the passage of the urine. This may result in incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder which further results in pain or urinary tract infection.

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4. Weight loss

Cervical Cancer
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Most types of cancers either increases or decreases your appetite. Cervical cancer can also compress the stomach resulting in low appetite and weight loss.

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5. Continuous pain

Cervical Cancer
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Persistent pain in back, hips or legs results from the difficulty in blood flow through the vessels. The blood does not reach the parts of the body and results in swelling in the ankles, legs and other abdominal parts.

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6. Anemia

Cervical Cancer
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Abnormal bleeding can result in anemia which further might accompany cervical cancer. Anemia results in fatigue and your heart speeds up after normal exertion.

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7. Pain while urinating and sex

Cervical Cancer
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If you feel pain while having sexual intercourse or while urinating, this may be one of the symptoms of cervical cancer.

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If you notice these symptoms and observe such changes in your body, you must visiot your gynecologist immediately.

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