Amazing Ways To Find Your Soulmate Using The Law Of Attraction


Did You Know The Universe Actually Follows A Law? Well yes. The Universe functions on the principle of consciousness. Little complicated? We know. Here’s the simpler version. The Universe follows the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the belief that your thoughts and the consciousness pertaining to these thoughts have a strong impact on your life. For instance, if a greedy person believes that he can generate wealth, he will. Similarly, if a philanthropist is scared that we might never be able to create abundance, he would not. The Law of Attraction is a denial of the Law of Karma. Also, it just doesn’t mean that your thoughts need to be positive all the time but your consciousness about the same needs to be.

Before moving forward, here’s something you should know. There’s no such thing as “Activating the Law of Attraction” so that it works for you, it is always working.

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 What you can actually do is learning the ways that will help you use the Law of Attraction to find your Mr. Perfect.

Here are few ways you should use

Sit Back And Decide, “What Do You Want In Your Man?”

And by this, we mean to decide what you want, and not what you don’t want because if you think that your man should not smoke weed, you are actually put your thoughts towards a man who smokes weed. Decide what you want and be sure about it. Let the Universe do the rest.

Stay Focused On The Thought But Not Obsessed With It.

Think about your needs from a man and stay focused. Fickle is Fun, only in case of Lavie. Be affirmative and let the thought travel in the Universe. Do not be obsessed with the thought because if you cling on to that, you’ll never let your thought travel in the Universe.

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Universal Truth – Self Love is Important!

Okay, so before you start considering yourself in a Philosophy class, here’s the catch. You need to love yourself and think of yourself as a lovable person. Our thoughts travel in the Universe as energies and when we think of ourselves as good and lovable beings, we receive the same. So, Learn To Love Yourself!

Give Time Some Time

Do not give up. Be patient and wait for it. There would be times when you feel nothing is working out as you desired, but if you give up nothing really helps. So, Universe needs time, allow it. In fact, that’s the key, if you are sure of your desires, you would stick, despite the time it takes to manifest in your life.

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Never Doubt the Existence of Your Desires

Undeniably, sometimes we live in a state of oblivion and start doubting if our desires are achievable. Never shall you doubt the possibility or existence of your desires. If you want something, hold on to it. Do not let the negative energy into the Universe.

Stop being James Bond. Stop Questioning!

There is something immensely fascinating about this Universe that man has never been able to manifest. We live in a mystical world. If you keep questioning every single aspect of it, you are trying to control everything. You are holding back your thoughts.

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So, the law of attraction will make you find your Mr. Perfect, because when you are sure of your desires, your thoughts, emotions, words and actions act in integrity with your greatest desires.