5 Dating Rules We Keep Accidentally Breaking

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The average age woman get married today is 27 compared to 20 in 1990s. Time has changed, boy and girl are learning dating rules, experiencing and updating their moves on social media. If you can remember the movie, “How to lose a Guy in 10 Days?” and want some really good ways to squash the next date. No matter it is your first date or you are meeting someone for the first time off a dating website or app, the goal is to be asked on another date.

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Here’s a few ways Dating rules We keep breaking
to completely ruin a date and laugh at myself anyway.

1. Don’t feel awkward

I remember when I went on a date with a rainbow colored daisies in cellophane iridescent wrap. As you know, the wrap makes a loud crumbling noise and my bad luck, when I opened it in the parking and it echoed strongly. It made me feel very awkward. I was so nervous and never saw him again.

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2. Never commit or try to keep the conversation light

Girls have a knack for something and go ahead use words that are to be avoided on a date at any costs. Words like love, children, future, joint bank accounts, relationship and big one commitment.

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3. Don’t rush into conversation

Your first date was good and he’s planning to see you again and texting you to ask you out. We all so fast with texting that we instantly reply to the messages we receive from our crush but it is advised to reply to his text within 24 hours and take his calls after three or four dates.

Try to avoid and start conversation by sending “Hey, what’s up?” You can start with something for which he was waiting for or how did feel when you went out with him.

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Once we start the conversation it’s difficult to stop. Long conversation should be in person while you’re getting to know each better not on phone.

Never upload or post any of your pics on social media unless you find yourself on his wall. You can follow him, tweet at him or reply to something funny he days after a few dates.

4. No sex on first date

If both of you have decided to what you want from the relationship then go ahead and have sex but the no sex clause is not to protect your chastity. Delaying sex will give you more time t o figure out if you’re both looking for the same type of relationship.

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5. Focus on one Guy at a time

It’s actually smart to see other guys because in a way it keeps the pressure and expectations surrounding one person from getting out of control. It is not necessary to tell every guy you meet that they are the man in your life unless there’s more than one man in your bed. Have grown up conversations and always practice safe sex.

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