10 Different Ways To Style The Crop Top


Crop tops have been in fashion for years now and at present too they are a kicky piece of clothing to rock every occasion. You can pull of so many ways to doll up with the crop tops. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your body shape is, there is a wide variety of crop tops and different ways to style it up to knock out heads.  Whether you have to step out for a brunch or a formal dinner gathering, crop tops are a chic and classy way to rock every outfit and knees-up.

Want to know how to slay the ‘Crop Top’ trend?

Here are different ways that will sway you
to the crop top side

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1. High waist lowers 

crop top
Image source: popsugar.com

If you are not comfortable showing off your belly, team up the crop top with high waist lowers – Culottes, Palazzo pants or long skirts with slits.

2. Matching the outfits

crop top
Image source: laurenconrad.com

Wearing the same print or patterned lower with the crop top gives a break to the look so that you don’t end up looking like your wearing a bed sheet.

3. Peek-a-boo

crop top
Image source: thechive.com

Tired of wearing the same old dungarees and jumpers? Pair the overalls with the crop top to get the best of both the looks.

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4. Crotchet or Lacy look

crop top
Image source: wachabuy.com

Having a more feminine and delicate appearance, you could go for crop tops with lace or knit fabrics.

5. Loose garb

crop top
Image source: sailorandsaint.com

If you’re worried about the extra chub and a little hesitant in wearing the tight top, just grab any tight lower – pencil skirt, pants or a pair of shorts to keep up that snazzy ensemble.

6. Top It-up!

crop top
Image source: wachabuy.com

Layer up by adding a cardigan, a blazer or shirt to elevate the crop top.

7. Playing with the sleeves

crop top
Image source: trend2wear.com

You could go for a full-sleeved crop top or choose an off-shoulder one. Pair it up with the desired lower and you’re off to go girl!

8. Keeping it simple

crop top
Image source: Eslamoda.com

Wearing a stripped crop or the one with a block color and fuse it with a pair of jeans or shorts.

9. Why avoid winters?

crop top
Image source: cabionline.com

Make use of the crop tops on the cold winter days pairing them up with a shirt for that effortless look.

10. Button-up

crop top
Image source: nastygal.com

Collared and buttoned crop tops are an easy way to carry a casual yet business attire.

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Why not experiment? Share your styling ideas with us in the comment section below.


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