12 struggles a girl who wear glasses will understand

wear glasses
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As if not able to see the world clearly was not enough the world decided to throw some more hard times to us, the people who wear glasses. From your best friend to that nose poking neighbor every one become super curious the day you start sporting the glasses. And god save us from those aunties who start giving us pity glares just because you are a girl and now a officially looking nerd too. The struggles for a girl who wear glasses multiply in an instant because it is struggle to maintain those pair of artificial eyes. I know glasses can be super cool accessory and they can add that extra oomph to your style statement but every blessing comes with its own share of problems.

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Yes we wear glasses and encounter the problems that no one can understand. You want me to mention some? Here are some

1. Your whole childhood you have being called as Chasmish


wear glasses
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And some friends still do the same.  Aeee Chashmish..!

2. Watching That 3D movie can be a real nightmare

wear glasses
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Should I Wear above it? Glasses on Glasses?  NO , I am not coming to watch another movie with D.

3. The mini heart attack you get when you are not able to find them in morning!

wear glasses
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And your brain goes in Ghajini mode too. You can’t remember where you actually put them.

4. The need to clean them after every nth Hour

wear glasses
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How many times do I exactly need to do this ? Umm.. How about starting with forever?

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5. People assume that your best friends are books

wear glasses
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They also think that those books are reason why you wear glasses. The plus point is for them you are a GENIUS!

6. The dilemma of kohl

wear glasses
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Should I use kajal or should not? What’s the point? No one is going to look at it anyway.

7. Sunglasses? Please DO NOT ask

wear glasses
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Should I skip to wear sunglasses and bear those rays of sun Or should I go for them with zero vision? Buying prescription sunglasses just for 3 months in a year is again a nightmare.

8. When that perfect mascara smudges with your glasses

wear glasses
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Somebody kill me please.

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9. Kissing that cute boy but those glasses come in between

wear glasses
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Why god? Why?

10. When you can’t decide to take those off or not while posing for the camera

wear glasses
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Needless to say they totally mess your selfies too.

11. When your friend ask you to try them

wear glasses
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And you cannot resist screaming ITS NOT A TOY DAMMIT. And the volume increases when they say… “Oh god, you are blind….!!

12. Your whole life you try to convince yourself that glasses are actually a fashion statement

wear glasses
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Stand in front of mirror and say it to you,” Glasses are so cool.”

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I know the list can never end. You people got some more struggles? Leave us comments below.