Why Are Dusky Girls More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies

For as long as that can be recollected, people have been fixated on fairness, evidently more so when it comes to Dusky Girls. Inferiority complex has been imposed on people that they are not fair enough and such a color discrimination has been vividly prevalent with the multibillion-dollar cosmetic industry fuelling the fair avidly. But with modern times the feeling has faded a bit, with more, accomplished and beautiful, dusky skinned persons becoming renowned.

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Here’s Why Are Dusky Girls More Attractive Than Fair-Skinned Ladies

1. Dusky Girls Are Successful In Life

Dusky Girls

It is heavily portrayed that dark skinned women are low on confidence and self-esteem which is a huge wrong notion. Advertising world shows dusky woman inferior to be a failure in life until a fairness cream miraculously changes her life around which is highly inaccurate and misleading.

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Many women despite being dusky have reached the pinnacle of success and worldwide fandom. Internationally acclaimed actress Priyanka Chopra or acclaimed actor-director Nandita Das or the head of business conglomerates like Indra Nooyi and many others have successfully defied this logic.

2. Dusky Girls Are Flawless

Dusky Girls

Dusky skin is regarded hugely exotic. The chocolate color of the skin increases the oomph factor a person making them very beautiful in their natural forms. The earthiness to the color makes people look younger and flawless and entices awe from everyone.

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Elegance is an attribute which goes hand in hand with earthy toned skin, and they establish an aura of class. Usage of mild colors of eye shadows and minimalistic makeup makes the contrast very minimum as compared to whitish skins which can be very loud at times.

3. Being Dusky Girl Helps…

Dusky Girls

  • Melanin Protects the Skin

A chocolate toned skin is healthier than in general wheatish complexion. A higher percentage of melanin in the skin protects it from risks of skin cancer, and it offers increased protection from extreme cold or heat.

  • Cut, Blemishes, Marks Don’t Show

A huge benefit of being dusky skinned is that blotches, blemishes, cut or scar marks or acne and boil marks remain invisible, and there is no need to avail expensive cosmetic products concealing such marks.

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  • Minimal Chances of Skin Damages

Skin damaged by the sun or any other agents cause freckles which remain concealed for dusky skinned individuals, and there is no need absolutely for concealing, healing or contouring such damages using unnatural products.

Dusky Girls

  • Expensive Cosmetic Products Are Not Required

There is no need absolutely for makeup or cosmetic products to highlight features. Dusky-skinned women are naturally exotic looking and beautiful without makeups. So a huge load of money, resources and time is saved as the natural color of dark complexioned women is breathtaking enough.

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  • No Need to Get Tanned

White skinned individuals go through cosmetic processes to get a bit of tan on the skin to look rustic and earthy, whereas a dusky skinned person doesn’t need to indulge in such procedures.

It’s paramount to identify the correct shade of colors and highlights to match the individual’s skin tone and thereby to accentuate the natural features. There is no need to overdo as dark skinned women are beautiful in their accords. So it’s time the world comes out of their dogmatised beliefs and celebrate beauty as is.

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