7 Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

To the general notion, women are considered to be very secretive in their daily lives and do not flush it all out to the always eyeing public. Women almost always don’t accept a lot of things they do in private or in confidence and for some reasons, with them not willing to share being the primary one.

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Women always come forward as the elegance of grace and personification of beauty. But all women secretly do a lot of things which they readily don’t accept or admit.

Here are 7 Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

1. Checking Out Women

Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

Checking out is one of the things girls secretly do but would never admit. Women do look at other women either appreciating their fashion sense and style or denouncing it altogether because of admiration or jealousy. They are very careful and subtle in doing so, and they can scan a person head to toe without even him/her knowing.

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2. Keeping A Tab of the Better Half or Crush

Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

All girls secretly stalk the social media presence of their crush or husband or boyfriend, and if they deny doing it, then it’s evidently a lie. They secretly check on messages, voicemails, and social media applications keeping a note of everything.

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3. Stalking Girls

Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

Women are very curious by nature, and that leads to stalking, and not only about boys but other girls as well nonetheless. Either extreme hatred or jealousy or an exceeding amount of admiration, girls stalk to stay informed of latest updates. Women have girl crushes irrespective of their sexuality.

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4. Checking Out Themselves


Women love to look beautiful and love to admire themselves and their beauty. When no one is around, women love to pose in front of the mirror to bask in their glory. Everyone does it, but many don’t admit doing it.

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5. Wearing The Same Clothes

Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

Women are perceived to be always fair, fresh and stunning adorning the most beautiful dresses. But back home and inside it’s always not the case. Women alike boys do wear the same clothes undergarments over a long period till not possible as they feel most comfortable in those.

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They love the warm feeling of comfortably worn dresses even though they are always vocal about cleanliness. Women do pile up clothes in couches or do not do the dishes or chores around the house and lay around lazily.

6. Hoarding Things in the name of Memory and Crying

Things Girls Secretly Do But Would Never Admit

Girls are very emotional at heart and stay attached to a lot of things be it materialistic or not. And they secretly have the habit of collecting thing for memory, be it the first love letter, or a movie ticket or a dried flower between diaries. And women when the alone cry is watching emotional sitcoms and even reality shows.

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7. Shadow Dancing and Singing Alone

Women, be with or without the sense of rhythm, always dances when alone and nobody notices. In confidence to their own, they put up music, dance their spirit out and can do it for hours with a lot of love enthusiasm. Same goes for singing. Be it a blow-dryer or a shampoo container, all women in private things of singing their favorite songs to a crowd of multitudes.

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These are few of many things women do in seclusion but never admit or accept readily. Women just like everyone else have their own private and personal home or public life where only she can be, and she can do whatever she pleases to and anyhow she wishes to.

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