5 Reasons Why First Love Seldom Lasts Forever

Remember the time you looked at a perfect couple and felt the same for your love. First Love is something so intense and profound, something so incredibly flawless that you never thought it would come to an end. You were sure that if would last for an eternity. But it didn’t. Someone rightly said first Love seldom lasts.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why First Love Seldom Lasts Forever

1. We are unclear of our Desires

First Love
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We are usually young and immature when we fall in love for the first time. It is something so sudden and unplanned that there’s hardly time to understand what you’re stepping into. More than you being unaware what you’re getting into, what matters is what it is that you are looking forward to.

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2. We are so obsessed with “Movies”

First Love
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Love is not just about those undying butterflies in the stomach or the heart skipping a beat each time they held your hand. It is a lot more than what movies show. And that’s where the real fight comes in to play. We are always obsessed with the relationship being spiced – up that ordinary doesn’t excite us at all.

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3. Our fascination towards the Idea of Love

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When we are young, we barely understand the meaning of love in its truest sense. We get attracted to a lot of people and so sometimes misjudge infatuation for love. Therefore, more than love itself, we are fascinated with the idea of being in love.

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4. Excitement doesn’t stay for long

First Love
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Believe it or not excitement doesn’t stay for long. And that is the reason why when time passes by, the butterflies start dying. The romance starts vanishing and the excitement level falls. You don’t feel the adrenaline rush anymore.

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5. It becomes more like a Habit

First love
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Undeniably first relationships are beautiful and none of us want them to last. Despite being aware of the impossibilities, we make our efforts to make them last. We feel that there isn’t a life without them. But then eventually in the long run, we realize that it wasn’t really love, probably just a habit.

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