How To Make Him Want You More Each Time

make him want you

He has asked you out on a date and you are thrilled! You have grabbed his intention but the real deal is – How To Keep His Attention. It isn’t just about the first date, but also the future dates. Before moving ahead, just a sneak peek – You aren’t going to learn any magical tricks to make a guy go mad in love with you, but yes you’ll surely learn to appear more interesting to a guy.

So, the next time you meet a guy, he should drive home thinking, Mira is so mysteriously interesting. I just can’t wait to meet her again.

Lets Find Out What It Is That will make him want you more than ever

What is it that actually makes you want to meet someone for the second time and again? Well, an Interesting Conversation! To make a guy ask you out again, you need to be sure of holding an interesting conversation that makes him want you more. Time for some quick lessons!

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Let’s Do It Differently This Time

Bring a pen and Paper. Now list down seven things that you believe are the most impressive things about yourself. Come On, Just Do It!

Okay, so you were pretty quick to list down four, but you couldn’t really list down all, could you? And even if you did, it took you a while to figure out the rest and you aren’t really sure of them.

Now, if I ask you to write seven things about a guy you really like, you would not take more than 2 minutes to do that. Do you see that now? You don’t have to climb the Everest or cure a disease to consider yourself worthy and impressive. Figure out the most impressive things about yourself and include them in your conversation.

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No One Has Time For Stories

Oh yes, you do have a lot of stories to tell. You just can’t stop to reveal your mysteries, but hold on Girl! With men already complaining about the “talkative” nature of our gender, do not give them more. Tell him the important chapters, talk in headlines and for God sake, make a point. I mean, let us leave the “Revelation of Untold Stories” to MS Dhoni.

Men are biologically and psychologically different and hence they do not understand the overly intense talks, they take time to absorb. For Us, “the color Pink means Fuchsia Pink, Magenta Pink, Baby Pink, Dark Pink, etcetera” but for men, “Pink means Pink” (unless of course, you are dating Manish Malhotra and clan). So they are unable to comprehend a lot of our stories.

Talk In Headlines – Just A Few Examples: 

  • “I’m learning the contemporary form of dance. It is beautiful and it’s great exercise!”
  • “In January last year, I visited Maldives with a group of friends. I really enjoyed myself. Dying to go back!”
  • “I am an animal lover. I love dogs the most, they are such adorable beings.”

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Make The Most Of It

Lastly, just learn to manage a conversation. There are times the conversation go simply out of place or becomes stretched a bit. Or when none of your headlines created intrigue just add a little jazz to it. And as Girls, we inherit the ‘jazz’ feature.

May be the couple on the next table is on their Honeymoon or there is a couple having an argument, just start a conversation and let it lead to something more. Laugh it out or initiate an intelligent conversation! You got to do it. After all, you got to make the most of it.

Bottom Line

Figure out your most impressive things and include them smartly in the conversation. Brag but let it not become evident. Play it Smart and Stay Sexy!

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Now, that you have honed your skills, Go Girl And Crack All Those Date!