Is He A Misogynist? 6 Ways to Instantly Spot a Women Hater

Misogynist is obvious, a known term for women. But it is rare when a woman meets a misogynist man. That’s not true, though. You’re not looking at the right directions. It is very tricky to judge whether a guy is a misogynist or not. You need to read between the lines of words he speaks to finding out the reality.

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A brief character sketch of a misogynist

It is very tough to adjudge because he will do the exact things like a normal guy. A woman always wants to be with someone who respects her and her gender. It is true, although, a misogynist hates woman, he might end up marrying a girl or woman whom he pretends to love. Misogynists are not cavemen, who live in isolation. Rather, they are normal men and guys who stay in the inner circles of society just like other individuals. They socialize, laugh, talk, smile, even with women, but hates them. Sometimes, even the misogynists don’t know that they hate women. But, you as a woman, should figure that out quickly and plan an escapade from such persons.

Hey, misogynist guy – where can I find you?

Women – date a person who loves women and didn’t hate them for what they are. Because when a person doesn’t like persons of your gender, even you fall in that category. Let’s figure out how to track a misogynist man or guy.

Here are 6 Ways to Instantly Spot a Women Hater

1. He denies your feelings

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He doesn’t care if you are feeling low. Your emotions can only work for him if it arouses him. Otherwise, he always thinks of ways to smother you. It is not their concern if you are happy or sad.

2. He comments badly on the outlook of other females

A misogynist man will only pass negative comments to the women he sees. He loves to condescend women. It is as if his second nature to insult women.

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3. He knows to exploit your emotional state

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When you show him emotion which is other than adoration for him, he gets angry. It’s as if he doesn’t even care about your disturbance and rather, only focusses on himself.

4. He feels like he’s entitled to all things

Entitlement is a key to his character. If he likes a woman, he thinks she should revert. He wants to achieve her – not by love, but by force.

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5. He interrupts you in between a conversation

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It’s as if he is a know-it-all. He always interjects whenever you are ready to put up a point. If you get cut up by a guy every two minutes, then he is a domineering misogynist. He wants you to be his puppet with the strings in his hands.

6. Not ready to commit

Even if he has committed something wrong, he’d rather blame it as your fault for distracting him, rather than accepting his weaknesses.

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Abstain from such guys – they are a common nuisance

Now what? You thought this is going to be easy. Meet a guy, talk with him on a few occasions, and go out on a date. Yes, you are free to do that, but keep your eyes open to traits and behaviors. Stay away from a misogynist man.

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