7 Ways How Things Changes When You Finally Meet Your Sweetheart

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Did you meet your sweetheart? So many questions flood our minds when we have feelings for someone, whether he is the prince you have been looking for, the soul mate, the one who enters and the violins start playing and everything around you seems beautiful. Who knows when the one that you have been looking for one day knocks the door of your life and treats you the way you have dreamt of. Finally, when he enters your life, he gets along with him many changes, how you perceive your future and how comfortable you are around him.

Here is a list of differences you come across
when you finally meet your Sweetheart

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1. No Judging

You no longer have to be pretentious in front of him. You bring out all your craziness and weirdness but guess what, he will love you for all the madness that you have. You wouldn’t want to hide your true self from him anymore. Never judge people because your never know, when can you meet your sweetheart.

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2. Speak Your Heart Out

You don’t have to think twice before saying something to him. You are so comfortable around him that you can talk to him about your success and downfalls because he will be all ears. He will be there to be your girl when you need to gossip or went out about something.

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3. You Feel Secure

Nothing about his past disturbs you anymore and nothing about your past disturbs him. You both become so comfortable and confident that such petty issues don’t make a difference to your relationship anymore.

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4. The Support

Both of you support each other’s respective dreams and aspirations. You push each other to achieve what the other one desires and wants from life. Being a constant support in all situations and phases of life is what keeps you both strong and focused.

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5. No Boredom

There is no awkwardness between you two and you feel like a total buffoon when you both are together. You enjoy each other’s company and have every moment full of weirdness and fun. You somehow just cannot get bored of each other.

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6. Fights Don’t Matter

However many times you fight, you just don’t give up. After every fight, you find a way back to each other. You don’t let any fight come in the way of your love. No matter how big or petite the argument is, you just can’t let it get to you.

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7. He Is A Joy

At last, whatever fights arguments that take up your relationship, he is always there to make you smile. Both of you are happiest around each other and that what really matters. He makes you smile like no one else can and makes sure that he does whatever it takes to not let that smile wear off.

source: tumblr.com
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