Does My Guy Friend Like Me – 4 Signs He’s Crushing On You

What if suddenly, out of the blue, your guy friend start being more attentive towards you than the usual? You need to think more than once now. He might be falling for you. You are not “just a friend” to him anymore. You have become his “new found crush.”

One day you wake up in the morning, and wonder – does my guy friend like me? If you think he’s crushing on you, It is one of the most awkward situations for you both. Suddenly, you feel uncomfortable and shy when alone with him. It is not a harmful situation but can be a bummer for both of you.

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There is a reason that you both decided to be “just friends.” But suddenly, after being closer for little too long, you suddenly start noticing that he is giving you special attention, gazing and smiling at you, out of the blue. Which only means that he doesn’t want to be “just friends” with you.

Make a guy your BFF – it’s the best thing you can do, girls

Every girl needs a guy friend in their lives. It is great for every girl to have a guy friend, because true, guys can be ruthlessly loyal, caring and helpful to you. That’s why guys make the best friend for girls. With a guy friend, a girl can understand her importance. True, a girl can’t find this with her girlfriends. You learn something from someone who is different from you.

Are you his new found crush – how to know?

If you start to notice weird things about your guy friend and gets stuck with – is he crushing on me – question, don’t panic. Rather relax, calm down. He won’t bite you. If you want to trace whether your guy-friend wants more from you, check for a few simple signs and attitudes of his towards you. Even if half of them ticks, he is crushing on you.

Here are 4 Signs He’s crushing on you

1. He Stare’s at you

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You catch him staring at you and grinning, all of a sudden. Usually, they stare at you for any new changes, but they can’t figure it out. If he looks at you in a random manner and shies away when you catch him, he has a big liking for you.

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2. Embarrassment

If you are just a friend, why should he get embarrassed by you? It’s because he likes you. He gets touchy-feely when you touch a sensitive topic. He blushes while his cheeks grow ruddy.

3. Happy to help

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Most of your normal friends help you out or even refuses at instances, but when it comes to him, he is always one step ahead at helping you. He likes you if he does favors for you when you least expect it.

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4. Physical Contact

If you are just friends with a guy, he might initiate a hug. When that same guy starts liking you, he will find every opportunity under the sun to be closer to you, even if for a minute.

What can you do from your side?

Sometimes, guys can be shy and in most of the case, they might like a girl immensely but still are unable to say that. It is not their fault. It is just a trait. But with the above signs, you can tell for sure –your guy friend likes you or not.

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