9 Cute and Memorable Things You Should Do For Her

Cute and memorable things can be romantic gestures and materialistic gifts which are always a girl’s fantasy from her knight. But it always comes down to those very few, significant things you do to keep her love intact for you. Whether gifting her when she least expects it from you or showing a sign of sudden affection in public will always make her feel special. When someone shows compassion towards the other, why won’t the other revert the same? It is the basis of a romantic relationship.

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Here are 9 Cute and Memorable Things You Should Do For Her

Do at least the minimum for her – the road to her heart

1. Pizza and Wine

cute and memorable things
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The cute and memorable thing you can do after a strenuous week, when she is feeling low, call for a pizza and wine night. Order her favorite pizza, buy her favorite bottle and settle for the night, watching her favorite movie in the home theatre.

2. Dinner plans

No problem if you can’t cook. Even if you how to boil noodles and garnish it with a taster, she will relish it. Just add the candles, chocolates, and music along with it. These cute and memorable things will win her heart.

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3. Listen to the song she likes to listen

cute and memorable things
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You might not like the same tracks, but still listen to her favorite songs. Ask her about her favorite song or songs and hear it together. Sync her iPod on your car’s stereo set and tell her to go crazy.

4. Phone charge

Her phone is her lifeline. She uses it for work, to email, to shop, social network. And TEXTING YOU. So next time when you’re with her, just ensure to plug her phone into the socket.

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5. Give her a surprise with her friends

cute and memorable things
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If she’s awesome, her friends should be super-awesome. Call them over and give her a surprise. Likewise, you can know her besties and show her that you take an active interest in her life.

6. Bring her lunch at the workplace

Cook something or probably buy and land up in her office during lunch hours. It shows that you care for her hungry stomach.

7. Have a reading session with her

cute and memorable things
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Read together with her, cuddling her in your lap, by animating the scenes from the book.

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8. Tickle her

Girlfriends love the fingers of their boyfriends. When you nudge them on the arms and backs, tickling her can be a very good idea to amuse and impress her. Especially tickle her arms and go easier on her.

9. And her hairs

cute and memorable things
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This is the optimum sweetness you can shower on your girlfriend. It emotes well with her. These are signs of your sympathy, joy, gratitude and love for her. So next time, just ruffle her hair and see the magic – she becomes a sleeping beauty. 

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Love – A continuous marathon race

However silly it might be, do selflessly for her. She ensures that she can trust you in running the long mile and rather she is willing to do it. These tiny, little things you

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