16 Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties That Have Nothing to Do with Marriage

While growing up you must have dreamed about doing things and reaching milestones. There are a few things you must do, a few milestones to cross in your twenties. And don’t be scared, they don’t include getting married.

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Here are 16 Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties That Have Nothing to Do with Marriage

1. Check Out the Road Less Travelled 

Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

There are magical places hidden away somewhere and are waiting to be discovered. Find these places and visit them. Feel their charm and get to know the locals. One of the best milestones to cross in your twenties.

2. Discover Your Passion
Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

This sounds like an overused phrase, but not everyone knows what they are passionate about. Find what pleases you most and pursue it as a hobby.

3. Conquer Your Fears
Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

Do something you have always feared doing. The thrill of conquering your fear is amazing. It gives you a strength that takes you forward in life.

4. Face Failure with Grace and Open Heart
Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

Failure might not feel good, but it isn’t that bad either. It teaches you so many things. It takes a brave heart to accept your failure, so do it with grace and open heart. One of the best milestones to cross in your twenties.

5. Celebrating Your Friend’s Success Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

Being jealous puts you down and distract you from your goal. So before you step out to the world, learn to celebrate the success of your friend.

6. Learn to Let People Go 

In your twenties, many people will come and go in your life. You must learn to let them go without brooding over them. In time you will learn not to break your heart over letting people go.

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7. Accept Disagreement

Your point of view might differ from others time to time. The disagreement doesn’t mean you are wrong. Learn to accept if someone disagrees with you with an open heart.

8. Try Something New

Trying something new will keep adding excitement into your life. It also breaks your monotony. So try something that you haven’t done before.

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9. Get Out of the Internet Friends

The virtual world doesn’t benefit you. So, get over the likes and followers over your internet profiles. There is the world much more wonderful than the virtual world. One of the best milestones to cross in your twenties.

10. Volunteer
Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

Volunteer for a social service like cleaning your city or helping underprivileged and orphan children. It will give you immense satisfaction and pleasure to be able to contribute to society in some way.

11. Say It When You Are Sad

Life is not about being happy all the time. There are moments when you will feel sad and hurt. Don’t hide. Express it when you are feeling low or sad.

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12. Learn Not to Lose Temper 

It’s easy to lose your calm when you are angry and let go of rationality. Learn to control your temper when you’re feeling angry. It will save you a lot of tension and relationships.

13. Learn to Apologise

It’s okay to make mistakes and be wrong. But learn to apologise. It will not make you any smaller or inferior. It will only calm you and teach you to be modest and honest.

14. Learn to Make the First Move

Never be afraid to take the first step, be it a job or a relationship. Don’t let the rules of the society stop you.

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15. Don’t Panic

 Milestones to Cross in Your Twenties

Learn not to panic if something doesn’t go as planned. Try to find a new way out for doing things.

16. Learn to Leave Regrets Behind

Life is a long way. You will make decisions that you might not appreciate later. Carrying regrets will only make you feel heavy.

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Don’t forget to attain these milestones in your twenties to get a beautiful life throughout.

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