Top 5 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women

You require cross training shoes to give the perfect morning run or to give you the stylish look and strength during workouts. Why is it so difficult to find the right pair of cross training shoes? Why do big brands label their shoes with “tennis”, “basketball”, “blah-blah” and not simple shoes? Because Cross-training shoes are designed for heel-to-toe motions and good for walking or running. Now improve your workout regime by wearing these top 5 best cross training shoes for women.

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Here are Top 5 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women

1. PureBoost X Shoes

cross training shoes

We know you like a pair of shoes which come directly from future, stylish and elegant. The PureBoost X shoes are available in three different colours, white, core black and shock pink. We personally recommend shock pink because it will add that stylish look to your morning walk. These come with an air mesh for maximum ventilation and pivot point for easy forefoot rotation. The PureBoost foam gives the best energy return with ultimate support, stability and aesthetics.

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2. Gym Breaker Bounce Shoes

cross training shoes

The Gymbreaker bounce shoes for women are crafted with energising bounce foam midsole which makes your training smooth and effortless.These come in two colours, Black and Halo Pink. The adjustable floating panels on the mid and forefoot gives the maximum upper support for cross training.

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3. The Avitori shoes

cross training shoes

The well-cushioned shoes which are soft and come with lightweight textile for breathability. The high abrasion EVA mid and outsole for extra cushioning and durability. These are available in tech steel, unity blue and shock red.

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4. Vitoria Shoes

cross training shoes

The Vitoria shoes are crafted to give you strong support and cushioning for all types of training. The lightweight performance-oriented Vitoria Shoes for women are stylish and allows air flow for easy breathing. This Vitoria shoe is available in Red colour with 3 strip design detailing.

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5. Zais Mid Shoes

cross training shoes

Inspired by Stella McCartney, the Zais Mid Shoes are flexible and comes with sock construction for easy motion. The extra cushioning adds to the comfort.

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