Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes With Different Skin Tones

It is very difficult to find best hair color for hazel eyes with different skin tones. So, If you are planning to pick a new hair color for yourself, It can be quite confusing sometimes. There are so many colors, how will you decide? The answers are in the color of eyes and skin. So, if you have hazel eyes, here are some of the hair color ideas for you.

Here are Best Hair Colors For Hazel Eyes With Different Skin Tones

1. Why Hazel Eyes Are So Attractive?

best hair color for hazel eyes

Hazel is a very versatile eye color. It is a combination of gold, green and brown, making it complement to numerous hair colors. Picking a hair color that complements the hazel color in your eyes depends majorly on two factors, the undertones in your skin and eyes.

Hazel eye color can be divided into two categories- hazel-green and hazel-brown. Hazel with green tint pulls the cool shades very well like platinum blonde and ash brown.

2. How To Know Your Skin tone?

Knowing the undertone of your skin is a bit complicated. The easiest way to do it is to look at your veins on your wrist when you are out in the sun. You are cool toned if they appear purple or blue and warm toned if they appear green. And if you can’t tell, you are probably the neutral skin toned or olive toned.

3. Hair Color for Hazel Eyes with Different Skin Tones

best hair color for hazel eyes

Here are a few ideas of what hair colors will look good on your hazel eyes with different skin colors.

4. Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes For Fair Warm Toned Skin

  • Warm skin tones look wonderful in chestnut and chocolate brown; however, they can subdue the green tint in your hazel eyes. So let the Browns go with browns.
  • Dark mahogany and burgundy will complement your hazel green eyes.
  • Light hair colors like golden blonde complement both hazel eyes and fair skin very well.
  • Avoid ash brown, platinum blonde, blue and green based colors.

5. Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes For Fair Cool-Toned Skin

  • Black is an excellent color for hazel eyes and fair skin with a cool tone.
  • Blondes, ash brown, and hazelnut brings out the golden flecks in your eyes and dark brown color, darker than the chocolate elevate the golden and the green flecks.
  • Platinum blonde, light buttery blondes, cool silver tones and white blondes also complement cool toned skin.
  • Bold colors work well with blue and green bases.
  • Avoid red based colors, rich golden blondes, and strawberry blondes, shades of orange and gold based browns.

6. Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes For Olive Skin

  • Both warm and cool tones go well with olive skin. Lighter shade highlights the green and darker colors highlight the gold in your eyes.
  • Almost all shades of red, deep or bright look good.
  • Avoid orange based colors, ash-browns and blondes.

7. Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes For Tan Cool-Toned Skin

  • Go for yellow based colors.
  • Dark browns with yellow highlights also go well.
  • Purple and blue based colors look amazing. You can also go with burgundy.
  • Black with yellow or red-based ombre will also look fabulous.
  • Avoid Orange-based colors and browns that are close to your skin color.

Now, find your skin tone and get your hair colored that harmonizes with your hazel eyes.

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