What Problems Young Millennials Are Facing During Sex

Millennial sex issues are the people aged from 16-21, around 45 percent of women and 34 percent of men are dealing with it. Either they have issues like dryness and pain, or issues with physical responses or issue dealing with anxiety. Gone are the days when sexual activity was a hazy glow of nostalgia. Young people with innocence and inexperience have issues with their sexuality as they figure out the fumbling and what to do with that thing.

In General, young people need help with their ‘sexual function‘ as much as advice on avoiding sexually transmitted infection or unintended pregnancy.

Here are Five Problems Young Millennials Face During Sex

  1. Diminished Arousal During Sex
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Lack of arousal can be insanely frustrating. The person you chose to hook up with may be isn’t a good match for you. People have sex to enjoy themselves and the key is more foreplay, half an hour before having sex. It is always good to carefully explore when you first encounter lack of arousal during sex.

2. Ways to Overcome Nerves

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There are lots of ways to overcome nerves in a sexual encounter, you need to be more confident. No matter what’s your age or expertise level, You need to communicate with your partner. It’s always better to say no when you’re uncomfortable with what’s going down.

3. Trouble reaching Orgasm

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Trouble reaching orgasm is a prevalent sexual issue for women regardless of age. It is more likely that two inexperienced people have trouble reaching orgasm. Try different positions which might help you in reaching the climax.

4. Pain During Sex

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75 percent of women at some point experience pain during sex. It is tricky to diagnose the underlying cause, however, you should consult a gynecologist if you’re having some serious pain during sex. The cause for pain may be ranging from an STI like chlamydia to uterine fibroids to vaginismus.

5. Dry Vagina During Sex

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Lube is perfect prescription for friction. Dry vagina can cause pain during sex. A desert level dryness can be a sign of underlying health problems which you should consult a doctor about. Lack of foreplay and sometimes allergies to certain medications and detergents is the culprit.

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