6 Reasons Being In A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

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All relationships go through hell, only the real ones get through It …

You would agree with me on this – Dating is quite fun! Meeting new people, exploring new places together, the excitement of a new bond, those butterflies and sometimes feeling the entire zoo. But amidst all this and more, somewhere deep down lays a sense of insecurity. Insecurity of losing your special someone because dating is not synonyms to relationship. Where relationships have commitment, dating doesn’t follow any such statute.

One of the most significant reasons that makes dating cooler than relationships is commitment; but ironically, that’s truly the f**kmost part of it. It’s not easy to not make a connection and still be together. Plus, it makes little sense to me. Many think that settling down or being in a relationship can be boring, actually it is considered as ‘Old school’. But you know what, if you come under this league, perhaps, you have never experienced the beauty of a relationship.

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Just so you know – Relationships are not meant to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life a little better and evolves you into a better individual.

Here are some reasons that’ll make you realize why a relationship makes you a better person!

1. A Relationship Revamps You

6 Reasons Why A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

We often do things for others that we wouldn’t do for ourselves. Love is powerful and special in that way. If your loved one brings out the best in you, he or she is special. With all their love-filled efforts and affectionate gestures, they are making you a better and selfless individual.

2. And You Realize, That Turning Things Around Was Not This Easier Before!

6 Reasons Why A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

Accept it or not, human beings are usually are stubborn and at times, even resentful. But relationships make us lower down our attitude levels and appreciate the other half has been putting up. This invokes in us a sense of understanding which we generally lack.  Isn’t it cute?

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3. You Just Feel Good

6 Reasons Why A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

There’s minimum stress, no depression, of course, you’re happy and cheerful! Again, not to forget, I’m talking about good relationships, the ones that are positive, the ones that are meant to exist, the ones in which people make efforts because they want it to survive and last long. I’m not talking about the ones that are forced.

Practically speaking, there are even studies that reveal married people tend to be happier and live longer than their single peers. Shocking, right?

4. You Learn To Compromise

6 Reasons Why A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

In any kind of relationship, you have to share and adjust. You share living space, dinner plans, nights out, and etcetera. You go for holidays with each other’s families. You learn how to give a little and how to get a little. This makes you a better person because you’re expressing your love, your choice that you care enough to work together.

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5. Your World Becomes A Little Bigger

6 Reasons Why A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

Being in a relationship means you get to hear about your partner’s likes and hobbies. You’ll be exposed to new authors, musicians, and movies‒and you’ll know they’re not that bad after all! You’ll get involved with a brand new family and hopefully become close with them.

6. Difficulties! What’s That?

When things go out of order, knowing that your partner has your back will allow you to go through whatever you have to and come out as a more positive and calm person. You can also discuss things with them when the world comes crashing on you and you are unable to see a better tomorrow.

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So, no matter how many girlfriends or boyfriends you must have dated or you’re willing to date, there’ll come a time when you’ll know the meaning of settling down with that special person of yours!