5 Brutal Truths About Life That Will Take You To The Recovery Road

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Let’s play a game. I want you to mention five remarkable things about yourself in one minute. Okay, so before you start, here’s the deal –  you aren’t allowed to name anything you as a person are (i.e., I’m a good girl, I’m sincere), rather mention things that you do, for instance, I make the best cake in Delhi, I just won the national dance competition. Well, if you found it difficult, this article is for you, because you do not acknowledge and value yourself as much as you need to.

No matter how positive we are, the world can sometimes be a brutal and cold place. Although, we might think that it’s a matter of perspective, sometimes the going does get tough. I’m sure most of you understand this brutal truth about life. However, the route that we often choose to take when suffering through hard times is that, we prefer a sweetened lie over the brutal truth. The real question that arises here is,

What is going to make us into better individuals
Sweetened Lie or Brutal Truth?  

Paradoxically, it’s the brutal truth that will make us get up and go on. We have to let down our psychological shields and become more open to seeing and accepting things for how they really are. Here are 5 brutal truths about life that will make you look at the world with a different eye.

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1. The World doesn’t care about you. You don’t owe anything to the World.

Enough of spending your life feeling apologetic for being themselves; the World doesn’t care about you. You may be the smartest, coolest, appealing individual, but if you’re not confident about putting those traits across the table, the World is never going to give you credits for anything.

2. “Too Busy” Is A Myth. No one is too busy to respond, it’s about priorities.

Just get this straight, ‘nobody is too busy to answer your calls or texts’. It’s all about their priorities. If you’re not hearing back from someone, it’s because they have deliberately chosen not to answer you. The sooner you understand, better it is.

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3. You cannot keep everyone happy. So, relax!

Take a deep breath and relax. Stop listening to every single person, what they expect from you, what they want from you, because if you don’t, you’d end up leading a hopeless, formless, impassive life. Trying to please everyone is not going to help you. No matter what, they’ll always find a way to criticize you.  

4. What defines you is your actions, not your thoughts.

You might be an awfully great person at heart and might conceptualize the enhanced version of the world, but unless you prove that with your action, nothing really is going to change. Having a good intention is a fantastic thing but when not coupled with action, it counts for nothing.

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5. If you do not take action today, you never will.

Of course, you can spend your life stridently pronouncing that you don’t have the money, time, energy or resources to achieve the things you actually want. Well, whatever you may claim might be true – but the ruthless truth is, every other person on Earth has one fine excuse for not pursuing the life they want.

Take Away

If you want to be happy and motivated in life, you got to admit the brutal truths. You have to understand that life is not easy and it never will be, but instead of finding excuses, you need to figure out that one way that will take you to places your heart just can’t fathom. Find a way around your boundaries, in preference to just bitching about them. This is what the most powerful people do. They fight their way out than waiting for people to mount that white horse and come to their rescue. Because they understand if there’s anyone who is going to save their day, it’s them.

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