7 Skincare Essentials For Every College Going Girl

Skincare Routine Steps are very essential during our college life. Our college life is hectic and most of us stay caught up in the college work most of the time. College leaves you with only a little time to take care of your skin. In this hustle, we often forget how important it is to protect our skin. We need to take out sometime and pamper our skin with the Best Skin Care Tricks.

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Here are 7 Skincare Essentials For Every College Going Girl

Follow these simple measures to take care and give a little pampering to your skin.

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1. Face wash a necessity

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Wash your face twice a day to let go off the dirt that gets accumulated. Wash your face when you wake up to remove the excess oil you get on your face during the night.

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2. Moisturize

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Keep your skin moisturized. Don’t laze around in applying moisturizers. Moisturizing helps you give soft and smooth skin. Don’t worry if you have oily skin, you should keep yourself moisturized for that glowing skin.

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3. Take that make up off!

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Clean all that makeup before dosing off. Wipe it off to avoid rashes and clogging on the skin.

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4. Water to the rescue

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Keep yourself hydrated. Drink loads of water throughout the day to help your skin glow and keep it healthy. Instead of sipping onto aerated drinks, make water your bestfriend during the day and college hours.

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5. Sunscreen a must!

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The long college hours and switching between classes harm your skin. Protect yourself from the direct and harmful sun rays by applying the sunscreen.

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6. Give a treat to your face

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Apply face packs and exfoliate your skin regularly. Get rid of the clogged pores and keep your skin clean and healthy.

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7. Get some sleep

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Dose off early and get sufficient sleep. Don’t stress your eyes, after all you don’t want those big dark circles!

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