Top 5 Reasons For Hair Fall In Women With Cure

hair fall remedy at home

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes through her entire life. One of the problems is hair fall. hair fall is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. Beautiful hair gets a woman all those compliments that she deserves and make her feel like a princess.

Worried about hair fall we use so many ways to stop it but eventually ending up damaging them more. so it’s really important to understand the root causes of hair fall and ways to prevent it.

     There are many reasons for hair fall
they are as follows

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1. Bad hair etiquette


hair Fall in women

Excessive use of hairstyling tools like straightener and curling iron or hair products likes gels, sprays, colors, can damage the hair shaft and prolonged usage can hamper its growth. Tight ponytails, wrong Combs, parting your hair can further increase hair fall.

2. Pollution

Pollution is also one of the reasons which cause hair fall. Because of the increase in the amount of the dust, smoke particles in the air which sticks to your hair and damages them.

3. Anemia

Anemia is a result of low iron intake. Many women think to look beautiful they have to maintain their body, they have to look slim and they start dieting because of which they stop taking good amount of nutrients and they become anemic which results in low production of haemoglobin which means less oxygen to your organs, when oxygen does not reach to your hair follicles they tend to become weak and break easily.

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4. Change in water

hair Fall in women

Change in water can also be the reason for hair fall when the quality of the water is not good or the water is hard it can also damage your hair.

5. Weight loss

hair Fall in women

Dieting and losing a lot of weight suddenly or too quickly can adversely affect the growth of your hair. When we ban on certain food groups which then impact your hair growth.

To cure the hair fall try the following steps

  1. Take proper food.
  2. Do not use styles too much.
  3. Stick to one shampoo.
  4. Cover your hair while going out.
  5. Proper care required.

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