Prevent Under Eye Bags With These Simple Tips and Tricks

prevent under eye bags

Eyes are the soul of the body. Eyes are the direct way to reach someone’s, heart. Eyes never speak a lie. Eyes are the first thing that can express the emotions without even conscious of it. Eyes are the real beautiful all time camera. Eyes are very delicate part of our Face. But day by day its beauty is losing because of stress, poor diet, hormonal changes or lack of sleep can lead you to depression and depression can lead to dark circles under your eyes. We already have tons of products for under eye bags in the Market, but we always suggest to cure them using our best under eye bags removal tips here.

These under eye bags can be prevented with simple homemade tricks and cosmetics too. Here are the tricks you can use for best treatment for puffy under eyes.

1. Cold tea bags      

This is the simple technique to cure the under eye bags. Yes, you read correctly cold tea bags are really helpful to cure under eyes bags. Soak a tea bag or green tea bags in cold water for  2-3 hours. You can use the refrigerator to make your tea bags instead of soaking them in water. After this place your tea bags under your eyes. Use this method as many times as you can. You will find a difference in few weeks.

2. Cucumber

prevent under eye bags

Cucumber is also helpful to cure the under eye bags. Cucumber is used in our daily life. Cut the slice of the cucumber into circles and put them in the refrigerator for few hours and then place them under your eyes for 30 mins. And wash your face with cold. If you use this method daily you can see the result in few days.

3. Rose Water

Rose water is the most helpful for face, especially eyes. After washing your face with face properly. Use few drops of rose water on cotton and clean your under eye bags slowly in circular motion. Use this method  every night for a month for best results and trust me, this is one of the Best Products for eye bags

4. Meditation

prevent under eye bags

Meditation is really helpful in curing the under eye bags. Meditation reduces the stress and makes you feel relax and takes you in totally different world. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting whole day quietly. Just take few minutes from your daily routine sit in one place in silence you can use music too but it should be soft music which includes instrumental tunes only. Meditation will take time but it is the healthy and long time process.

5. Turmeric and honey

You can use turmeric and honey too to remove under eye bags. Turmeric and honey are easily available in the kitchen. Firstly clean your face with soap or face wash properly. Now take turmeric powder in a very small amount of quantity mix it with honey properly. And place it under your eyes for 30-45 minutes. And wash them with cold water but do not use soap after using turmeric power it will increase yours under eye bags. Use this method regularly for better results

6. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is also one of the methods to remove under eye bags. Aloe vera is easily available. Use Aloe vera gel and apply the gel to the eye and massage for a few seconds in circular motion slowly. Leave it for 10 minutes. Using this method daily for better results before going to bed. Aloe vera is good for skin it makes your skin look beautiful and fresh. Using this method makes you look young.

7. Coconut oil

prevent under eye bags

Coconut oil is good for skin. Most Ayurvedic doctors suggest Coconut oil for under eye bags. Coconut oil is easily available in shops. Take few drops of Coconut oil and place it under your eyes and massage it in a circular motion with your ring finger for few minutes. Leave it overnight for better results. Repeat this method daily before going to bed.

Using these methods will surely remove yours under eye bags. So girls go on and try these methods for getting flawless skin and look gorgeous.