10 Habits That Make You Age Faster and Look Older

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Habits make the man. We all were taught about cultivating good habits for our healthy growth. It is found that an activity which you have been doing for a period of 21 days, becomes your habit right from the 22nd day.

This article isn’t just about doing the right things but to avoid all those nasty habits of yours which are making you age faster and look older. Aging is a natural process but putting an accelerator to its process are those certain habits which I’ll be listing down.

So, Here Are Those Habits That Make You Age Faster
and Look Older

1. Stress

The world out there is very competitive and you’ve gotta haul your horses and keep going no matter what. But let me ask you at what expense are you taking so much stress? You earn money to have good food and live the way you want. But let me tell you all the stress that you overdo just makes you age faster than a normal human being. Not only it kills your free time but also indulges you to start bad habits like smoking, drinking a lot or doing drugs just to get rid of its phenomena.

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Genuinely, it’s not worth it.

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2. Sleeping Less

Let me make this very clear, sleep is the mother of all the medicines. You sleep well enough to function for the next day, you do certainly better than being tired or sleep deprived. Coffee may sound a good idea to keep you awake during all those hectic projects making nights but trust me girl not only it will deprive you of your sleep but you will certainly gain this habit to keep up late making it rigorously dangerous for you.

Sleep is very important. Your brain needs its time to re-wire and start up better for your next activities. This habit of losing sleep actually makes you age faster.

3. Lack of Exercise

By exercise, I didn’t mean all the hardcore sweaty gym shifts, but the nominal amount of walking or running just to make sure your body functions properly is important.

Skipping exercises once just makes you want to do it more and trust me that’s not a good habit to cultivate. During your holidays instead of being a couch potato and binge watch, all your Netflix favorites get up and move that lazy butt of yours to condense some fresh air. Not indulging in exercise for a very long period of time can make you age super-fast. And it ain’t pretty girl.

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4. Too Much Makeup

Yes yes, I get it. No make-up at all won’t make any sense to survive in this dog eat dog world. You’ve gotta look pretty good at your work. But I am just advising you to keep it low. Instead of wearing too much makeup, just do the essential or basic one to make it look pretty and simple.

age faster and look older


Your skin needs to breathe and having made up on it for almost 18-20 hours a day, doesn’t help your skin at all.

Also not only to overdo your makeup but also do the right one. Using products which affect your skin can make your skin prone to aging a lot faster.For example, some heavy foundations and powders can settle into the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, accentuating fine lines.

5. Irregular Food Habits

If your daily meals are filled with foods that cause chronic inflammation, such as vegetable oils, margarine, red meats, white bread, or sugary, processed foods, you’re not doing your skin any favors. These foods can cause inflammation in your body, which may accelerate wrinkle formation.

Your skin aging makes you look aged and dull.

6. Smoking and Excessive Drinking

You already know that smoking is linked to heart disease, infertility, bladder cancer, high blood pressure, and of course, lung cancer, but if none of those side effects motivate you to ditch the ciggies for good, maybe vanity will: Not only can regular smoking exacerbate skin conditions such as psoriasis, but it chronically deprives your skin cells of oxygen, which can lead to pale and uneven colouring.

age faster and look older

Alcohol is a natural diuretic, so the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become. Besides sapping the natural moisture from your skin, excessive alcohol also triggers rosacea outbreaks and exacerbates fine lines, acne, and wrinkles, all of which instantly make you look older.

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7. Constantly Multitasking

Wonder women! Yeah, we all are her. We cook, we run our home, work, take care of our families. And for doing so we certainly multitask a lot. If that to-do list gets longer, not shorter, by the day, then your overly hectic life may be overly taxing your body. Although multi-tasking is lauded in the media as something to strive for, you rarely get anything done faster, you just make more stress for yourself.

8. Avoiding Fats

In order to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, you need a little fat. Healthy omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish and nuts, keep your skin soft, supple and slightly plumped up, so you look younger, not corpse-like. Also, plumper skin prevents wrinkles as well as filling them out a bit.

Yes, you have to avoid unnecessary fats but keep some space for little fats to get into your digestives system to work out their magic too.

9. Sugar Tooth

age faster and look older

Who doesn’t loves the mouth-watering doughnuts or the crisply baked cake or perhaps the apple pie your mom made for you. Having a sweet tooth can be a risky habit here.Your love of sweets may be adding years to your face. Molecules of sugar stick to the protein fibers in cells. This process is known as glycation and causes those dark circles under your eyes, loss of skin tone, puffiness, wrinkles, as well as an increase in pore size. Pass up the dessert cart if you want to keep that youthful glow on your face.

10. Slouching

When you slouch over in front of a keyboard for hours it can cause your spine to make an unattractive, even potentially harmful hunched over the type of posture over time. Our spines naturally have a well-balanced “S” shaped curve that helps to support our bodies. Slouching over moves the spine away from its natural position, stressing the muscles, disks, and bones. Pain, fatigue, even possible spinal degeneration can form.

I can understand the downside of being a workaholic- ambitious-pretty girl out in this very cruel world. Just kidding, Set your hair free, enjoy every once in awhile you get time. Get rid of those habits which make you feel old or perhaps make you prone to illness. Cause, in the end, it’s you who’s gonna take care of yourself. So be gentle with yourself.

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