5 Fashion Items That Make You Instantly More Attractive

With so much of information on fashion and style trends, Are you really making right style choices to look more attractive? GirlsXP will help you out with 5 fashion items that make you instantly more attractive. These 5 fashion items will glam up your wardrobe. It is important to look more attractive psychologically and make a style statement.

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Yes Girls, Here are 5 fashion items that make you instantly more attractive.

1. The Token Little Black Dress

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Black is the number-one color and it makes a girl look chic and slim. Black is the most seductive color to wear on a first date. Black is associated with confidence, sultry and intelligence. The Token little black dress is a safe option, if you are not sure what to wear on special occasions.

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2. Sunglasses

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When it’s sunny out put on your glasses. It will instantly make your more attractive. Girls who know about fashion know that glasses will make her fashionable and hide tired eyes.

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3. Lipstick

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According to a research at French university, waitresses who wore red lipstick saw boosted tips from male customers. Girls if you want to get a boy’s attention, you should make your lips stand out, so he daydreams about kissing you. Lipstick can make you appear more attractive, trustworthy and intelligent.

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4. Off the Shoulder shirts

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Men are more attracted to Girl’s shoulders and arms not breasts and butts. To glam up your look go for off the shoulder shirts. Girls, take a cue from Marilyn and the Kardashian sisters and flaunt those curves.

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5. Heels

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Heels make your booty and breasts more attractive. Heels cause your hips to sway in a seductive way. Heels give a glamorous, sexy and classy look on any outfits you wear.

Be comfortable in what you wear and be confident. Maintain eye-contact, laughter and positive body language.

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