Signs You Are The ‘Poo’ Of Your Gang


Does Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham really need an introduction? Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham has been a childhood favourite for most of us and Poo is that legend that lives on. From her effortless style to her ravishing looks, she invented the meaning of ‘slay’ before any of us even knew about it. So here’s to Poo and everything thing she taught us that turned some of us ladies into re-creations of her!

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1. Queen Of Comebacks

Poo was such a silver tongued snake! Everything she said was so sassy and hilarious. She really could show anyone down. If you’ve got the same way with words as she did, you’re certainly one step closer to being Poo.

Signs You Are The 'Poo' Of Your Gang
© Dharma Productions

2. She Could Pull Off Anything

Even the most wacky of outfits could be pulled off with finesse by Poo. If you can carry off tragic looking ensembles with a touch of couture in your own very way, congratulations!

3. Self Absorbed

You feel that the world is always at your feet and everything is about you. This isn’t a bad thing at all since you put yourself before others just like Poo. You are never afraid to be your own hero, all hail to Poo.

4. You always eye the Hottest Guy Around

You’re known for dating all the hot men, going out clubbing with those pretty boys and being everyone’s ‘it’ girl. Poo never jeopordised her track record and neither will you.

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5. Rating It Out!

The rating scale is still your go-to unit of measurement. You may rate food, clothes and even boys. Why? Because you can! Remember that iconic scene from the movie where boys lined up to go to prom with Poo and she did them the honour of rating them? Well, that is your reality.

Signs You're The 'Poo' Of Your Gang
©Dharma Productions

6. Your Family thinks you’re from Outer Space

Everyone around you might not be like the little minions that run circles around you. Your family might perpetually think that you’re one sour seed in the family and never understand you but you have to agree that you have different ways of making it to everyone’s hearts.

Signs You're The 'Poo' Of Your Gang
©Dharma Productions

7. That ONE boy

Maybe, just maybe, you also have that one guy who can rock your world. Maybe your own version of ‘Ladoo?’ That’s what dreams are made of, right?

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Tag the ‘Poo’ of your Squad in the comments below and let her know how much you dote on her!