How Should You Treat Yourself On Weekends, Based On Your Astrological Sign

Instead of blindly accepting invitations to parties and events on weekends, Try to block out the urge to stalk your friends and see what they’re up to on Instagram. Turn your focus inward. Try shutting down your computer, turning your phone on silent and dedicating the entire weekend to treating yourself.

Give yourself the ultimate break from work and spoil your mind and body so that by the time Sunday night rolls around, you won’t be working up a case of the Monday Blues. Try to think of some activities that are right for you —make sure your weekend is tailored to your personal needs, rather than what your friends are doing.

 Here are your weekend plans, according to your Zodiac sign:

1. Aquarius


Independent girl and don’t like to be held down with plans. Wander through your city and do whatever calls to you. If a manicure looks good, get one. If a nap in the park looks good, go for it. If an outdoor festival chants for you, go after it.

2. Pisces

Water sign, a fish. Treat yourself to the Turkish baths or any water-based spa treatment. An extra long, elaborated pedicure with pebbles from Jerusalem and salt from a sea. Get in touch with the mermaid in you.

3. Aries



So brave and energetic and active — treat yourself to a day at the beach. If you get too bored, learn how to surf. Learn a new skill this weekend, you’ve got room for it in your arsenal.


Shopping. Spree. You know how to bring the $$ home and save it up — but hey, treat yourself to that new bag or shoes. What’s the point of saving if you don’t ever reward yourself? Just don’t splurge like this every weekend.

5. Gemini



You’re restless and need to do two things at once. Skateboard to the farmer’s market and then catch a show or movie for a little outside/inside juxtaposition to satisfy all your wants and intrigues. Treat yourself to the best food in town and then go get some cultural loving.

6. Cancer

You’re deeply empathetic, so go see a comedy show to laugh it out. It’s been a rough few weeks for the world. You could really use a break from it all. You’ll feel so much lighter by the time the show is over.

7. Leo


You’re always the center of attention, so work on your roar by literally singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” at karaoke. Soak up attention and treat yourself to a night on the town. Dance on the streets, bang on a trash can, the city is your instrument.

8. Virgo

If you don’t already have an itinerary — you very organized Virgo, you — then take pleasure in a guided tour of a museum. You’ll appreciate the structure and the fact that someone else has already gone ahead and made a sturdy plan. Plus, you’ll learn a lot, and you love to learn.

9. Libra


You’re likeable and like beautiful places. Rally your best friends and take a day trip to the lake that’s two hours away or a sculpture garden you’ve always wanted to visit. Take pictures to upgrade your already beautifully curated ‘gram.

9. Scorpio

Go salsa dancing. Learn how to dance. Take a lesson. Maybe your partner will be super sexy. You’ll get all your emotions out on the dance floor and let your passion go. You’ll be so much more balanced on Monday and ready to rock in the office.

10. Capricorn


You’re literally the hardest working zodiac sign. Give yourself a break. Turn off e-mail and all digital devices and get a sachet of lavender. Place it over your eyes and sit in a quiet park. Or go on a hike so you can feel satisfied exerting some sort of energy. You always conquer, dear Capricorn.

11. Sagittarius

You like to do things by yourself and you like to indulge. Put on your finest threads, get your hair and make up done at a local salon, and go to a hotel lobby and order yourself an expensive cocktail that you’ve always wanted to try.

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