7 Types Of Handbags All Women Must Own

Collecting handbags, when done well, can arguably be considered an art form. Women carry their world in their handbags. It holds all their knick-knacks, their secrets and insight to their life. A handbag is a woman’s best friend and she certainly can’t do with just one type. Their knight in shining armour, there are some types go handbags that all women must have. If you don’t already, consider making a trip to your nearby mall right away!

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Here are 7 Types Of Handbags All Women Must Own

  1. The Messenger Handbags

    Source: BearaBeara

    These handbags are full on functionality as well as elegance. The are a symbol of the strong independent woman. For office or for play, this bag is a perfect companion.

  2. Tote HandBags

    Source: SoleSociety

    Highly cute and impeccable in size, totes are a classy choice to opt for. The work great for casual outings and Sunday brunches. You may even fill it up with cute puppies and they’ll still steal the show.

  3. Sling Handbags
    Source: YourBagYourLife

    Pleasant and fresh in aura, sling handbags are sassy and poised. Perfect for stuffing in little things and essentials, slings are really in vogue for their widespread use. Wear it on your shoulder or as a cross-body, it charms everyone.

  4. The Clutch

    Source: WhoWhatWear

    A clutch always associates itself with qualities of being fierce and feisty. I personally love carrying a clutch for a night out or an evening clubbing because all I need to carry is a phone and some cash. With an array of variety in grips and closures, the clutch is a  mandatory accessory.
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  5. A Backpack
    Source: MochiThings

    It’s school all over again with a fun backpack to hop and jump around with! God, these lovelies are so handy and uber chic! They can turn any ensemble into a frolic version and add volumes of quirk to it. Love, love and more love!

  6. A Wristlet
    Source: NastyGal

    Slightly different from the clutch, the wristlet comes with a band that wraps around the wrist (pretty obvious by its name) This little perky piece is ideal for times when you don’t need your hands to do other things.

  7. The Duffle Handbag
    Source: FreshMag

    Many people associate this type of handbag to a more masculine outlook but I feel they’re absolutely splendid and very comfortable travel partners. Get this handbag now and never repent your choice.
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